Jason Aldean Caught Cheating

Jason Aldean Caught Canoodling With Woman.

Over the weekend, news broke that country music star Jason Aldean had been caught in a very inappropriate situation. The not quite trustworthy and shady in its own right gossip monger, TMZ released photos of Aldean in various phases of flirting, kissing and other PDA with a young woman that was clearly not his wife. This put the country music singer, and up ’til this point CMNB favorite, in a position that made it impossible to deny what he’d done. He owned up to it, siting over intoxication as the culprit, with an apology to fans admitting that he’d been careless. He asked that everyone let him have some privacy to deal with the matter with his family.

Here are some things to consider…

-He IS a married man.
-Along with the majority of his fans, the other woman is aware he IS married.
-He did NOT leave with the woman.
-This whole mess happened in a VERY public place.

Where were his friends, band mates, manager or someone that is closely connected to him when this was happening? Did they not care? Not only that he was disrespecting his wife, but also that he was doing a great deal of damage to his image?

The big question is what happens next…will his marriage survive this? Will this cause trouble for his upcoming album release sales?

Although this is a private matter, you have to remember that Country Music artist’s private lives are very closely tied to their career. They are known to many as family men or good ole’ boys…they invite fans into their world and whether it is fair or not, fans hold them accountable for ALL of their actions.

Take Randy Travis, LeAnn Rimes or Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) for example.

What do you think? Do you forgive him? Will you still be a fan? Comment below with your opinions.

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