Major Taylor Swift Announcement

Explore the possibilities behind Taylor Swift’s live webchat with us!

The anticipation is killing us as we wait for tomorrow to roll around. As you probably already know, Taylor Swift took to YouTube last week to invite fans to a special live webchat event so that she can share some big news. Now we’ve spent the last week combing the web to see if we can guess the announcement. Heck, some of us are even placing bets on what it will be.

Here’s what we’ve got so far: We believe that Taylor will be announcing the release date for her new album, and that date will be before September 30th (In order for an album to be considered for a 2013 Grammy, it has to be released by September 30th this year). We also believe that the first leg of her accompanying tour will be announced, with all secondary market (mid-sized cities) dates, and that tour will most likely begin in early November, with a major-market (big city) tour to follow in the spring.

Here’s an interview Taylor did with MTV that explores some of the new albums creative proccess:

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Of course we could be way off the mark. She could be announcing an engagement to her latest love Conor Kennedy (paired with her sudden publicity around this relationship and the purchase of a $4.9Million dollar home in the Kennedy compound this isn’t so far-fetched.) She could also be sharing the news of her upcoming starring role in the film “Girls Like Us” where she will play the part of Joni Mitchell. Filming for this begins January 13th, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. For more details on the film, visit our source at the Examiner. Either way, when Taylor talks to fans like this, it’s always good news!

Tune in Monday August 13th at 7ET 4PST for the big Taylor Swift announcement!

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