Taylor Swift New Album Red Details

Get Details On Taylor Swift’s New Album Red Via Live Chat!

Tonight Taylor Swift hosted a LIVE google chat to make some very important announcements! We had our guesses on what she had up her sleeve, and we’re happy to say that…we are NOT disappointed! Taylor answered questions from fans who had gathered in person from around the world to be a part of the chat broadcast in Nashville, and responded to fans from Brazil to Sweden via google chat! She had a lot of info to share and you can catch the recap below!

Basically, Swift let everyone know that she will be releasing a brand new album on October 22nd (two whole years in the making) titled Red that will include 16 tracks! Right off the bat she had a lot to say about the inspiration for the album saying:

“my world kind of becomes a big storyboard…and everyone in it has the potential to become characters…” -Taylor Swift

She also let us know that the meaning behind the title “red” comes from the strong emotions she has (or had) regarding what she referred to as “semi-toxic relationships” she’s experienced. But her relationships aren’t the only ones ending up as lyrics, Swift suggests she pulled from the experiences she watched her friends go through too.

Additionally, Taylor addressed the collaborative effort behind the album, discussing how many of the songs are co-written. Letting fans know that she got to work with some of her favorite people in the industry, Swift filled us in on how she wanted to move in a different direction from her last album, Speak Now. Spoiler: one of the people she collaborated with is Ed Sheeran, and the song they worked on was recorded as a duet! (I wonder if there are any OTHER duets…hmmmm….)

From other answers to fan questions we learned that Taylor will be globe trotting pretty soon hitting up lots of different place, specifically including NYC during the release week of her album. We also got an inside track on what its like to be in the spotlight and deal with “false rumors”. Ooooooh weeee, that’s a lot of info!

On top of all that, to conclude the chat, Taylor debuted (LIVE) her brand new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together“. Admittedly, this is not a country song, but much more pop…even for Tswift. Yet, I still have faith there will be at least a few country hits out of the 16 total songs on the upcoming album!

We are super excited about the new album, and can’t wait to hear what else Taylor has in store for fans!

Check out these shots from the Live Chat!

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