Country Music Blog Rodeo

What is the Blog Rodeo?

Launched by CMNB in January 2013, the Blog Rodeo is an online initiative that brings together some of the top independent country music bloggers to discuss, dive into and throw in their two cents on topics surrounding the thing we all love…country music! Through individual posts and articles, linking, and social sharing, we create a network of well informed voices aimed at highlighting, celebrating and yes, sometimes critiquing all things country music. The topic at hand might be broad, or it might be more focused, but one way or the other, it’ll be country and it’ll be lively!

When Does the This Take Place?

The Blog Rodeo is currently operating on a monthly schedule in two parts: Blog Rodeo posts and the official Blog Rodeo twitter chat. Typically, both parts will take place towards the end of the month. On day one, each participating blog will post their article on the month’s topic. On day two, we all come together to hash out all the different ideas we brought to the table. Readers and country music fans are invited and encouraged to get involved with both parts of the rodeo by reading the posts and commenting and the following up with Twitter chat to weigh in with their opinions and thoughts! The Twitter chat also features special giveaways for fans and readers.

Follow Us On Twitter, @CMNBlog, to stay involved!

Us the following hashtags to weigh in: #BlogRodeo #CountryMusic

Twitter Chat Guidelines:

  • Be courteous to all participants.
  • Bullying or rudeness will not be tolerated.
  • Giveaway winners can only win one prize during a single chat, and will not be eligible to win until two twitter chats have passed.

How Do You Join In On The Conversation?

If you’re interested in joining the Blog Rodeo, we have just a few criteria you need to meet! If you meet the following requirements and/or you have follow up questions and want to submit your blog for participation contact MissMolly.

  • Independently owned and operated blog.
  • Your blog must be focused on country music industry, news, artists, shows, etc.
  • Minimum social media requirement, Twitter. Being active on Google + is highly suggested.

How Do I feature my brand or artist during the Twitter Chat?

Do you have an artist you think we should be paying attention to? Are you interested in showcasing your brand or sponsoring an event? Maybe you have a topic selection? Forward all your questions, ideas and pitches to our reigning Blog Rodeo manager, MissMolly!

Current and Past Participants.

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