Lily Rose Talks About New Music & LGBTQ Community in Nashville

TikTok sensation and “Villian” singer/songwriter Lily Rose sits down for an interview with GLAAD representative Anthony Allen Ramos to talk about her long road to overnight success, the state of the LGBTQ+ community in Nashville, and of course, new music co-written by Sam Hunt) on the horizon.

Country singer Lily Rose on Villain, LGBTQ acceptance, and dreams to one day collab with Demi Lovato

On singing openly about other women Lily had this to say: “I met with a lot of record labels, but the thing about Big Loud that was a no-brainer for me was that they just let their artists be authentic and we have song integrity that’s through the roof out here. As long as we maintain those two things and we have very high song integrity, and being authentic, I’mma cut the song. And with ‘Remind me of You” you know there’s so many pronouns and everything… we’re not afraid of getting backlash on a song that’s a smash… It’s all about what serves the song.”

On her sudden success and acceptance from high-profile artists, she says “Starting to form relationships with some of my favorite country artists like Tenpeny, and Devon Dawson, and Jimmy (Allen) and all of this… Imposter Syndrome is real! “

TBH… there is so much happening in this interview that is refreshing, accepting, and empowering for LGBTQ+ artists that it’s a must-watch for anyone!

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