Arizona Band HOGJAW Needs YOU to Come Out And Play!

Mark your calendars and head to the desert! Hogjaw wants you and your 4 wheel drive!

Hey guys/gals November 7th ’09, the band is shooting a video for 4LO. As you can figure out by the lyrics “Lock it in 4LO, roll on out!!,” the song is about one of our favorite past times 4-wheelin. Were shooting at the Crown King back road and the Saloon in Crown King, in the Arizona desert, and having an awesome video party. So, we need some bad-ass toys to hang about and get a little dirty. Also we need people who want to be in it please be there as we need all the help we can get….especially da Babes!:) Other than a video it will also be a Cabin party – go figure!!!!
Please comment if your interested and we’ll get info to you as we get it. Thanks, its going to be a great time!!!! Above all this its our buddies 40th BDAY BASH – “DIRT BOY” – BANDS PLAYING at night are ; Hogjaw, Boy Named Sioux, HellRancho & Adam Lee Cogswell. For more information, or to comment, visit Hogjaw on Myspace
Cheers everyone,
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