Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Change My Mind

Billy Ray Cyrus Releases New Album, Change My Mind!

Billy Ray Cyrus released his 13th album, Change My Mind today (October 23rd)!  Can you believe that its release date is actually the 20th anniversary of Some Gave All, his first album that changed our lives with “Achy Breaky Heart”?

“Kinda wild that I’m as excited today as I was 20 years ago. This feels like my first time…all over again!” -Billy Ray Cyrus

Cyrus may have tried to add some pop to his career, but this time he’s bringing back all the country. Change My Mind features ten original songs either written or co-written by Cyrus.

Billy Ray’s Change My Mind is available now at iTunes. Find the complete track listing below.

Change My Mind, Complete Track Listing:

1. Change My Mind
2. Once Again
3. Hillbilly Heart
4. Tomorrow Became Yesterday
5. Good as Gone
6. Forgot to Forget
7. That’s What Daddys Do
8. Hope is Just Ahead
9. I’m So Miserable
10. Stomp

Watch the Official “Change My Mind” Music Video: