Blake Shelton: Hillbilly Bone Release

Blake Shelton celebrates the release of Hillbilly Bone

Blake SheltonBlake Shelton is riding high on the amazing success of his upcoming album’s title track, “Hillbilly Bone“, but will the rest of the album fare as well? I think so, and here’s why:

Over the last few years Blake has become a more developed and outspoken artist whose music has really started to match his personality. Authentic and unapologetic, Blake Shelton has quickly gained notoriety as a beautiful smartass thanks to his random Twitter outbursts. Ranging from antagonizing the animal rights group PETA, to expressing thoughts that can be found in the drunken mind of most men on a Friday night. With songs on the new album like “Hillbilly Bone” and “You Can Kiss My Country Ass” you can be sure Blake has no reservations about speaking his mind, and we like that!

Make sure to head either out to the store or over to tomorrow morning and grab your copy of Blake Shelton’s Hillbilly Bone!Country Music Photo Gallery

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