Blanco Brown Releases Soulful “I Need Love”

NASHVILLE, TN—(March 13, 2020)Blanco Brown, the mastermind behind the international smash single “The Git Up,” has released a soulful new track titled “I Need Love.” Written several years ago while navigating through some hardships, the song’s personal meaning has evolved in recent weeks, inspiring him to release it now.

“Purpose comes from something bigger than us. Right now, my brothers and sisters in Nashville have had their world torn apart and they need love, at the same time people all over the world are going through struggles and everyone everywhere needs love and support and I feel like sharing this song is part of God’s plan as I follow my purpose,” Blanco stated. “I need love, we all need love; love and blessings. There can never be too much love.” 

Believing that above all, music has purpose— Blanco decided to share the track in hopes that it will provide comfort and healing to others. “I Need Love” follows the story of a man reaching out as his world comes crumbling down and how he’s found solace during the hard times through the power of love. Despite being written in 2016, the second verse reads timelier than ever with lyrics like:

When the wind starts to spin and the skies start falling in, when the earth starts to bend in a series of strange events. When my knees get to buckling and my heart shows you nothing, just start praying for me.”

Blanco was in town to celebrate the opening of the American Currents: State of the Music exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (in which he is featured) as the deadly tornado ripped through Nashville, the place he considers a second home, causing immeasurable damage to the area.

After meeting with fellow volunteers, seeing the heartbreaking damage and the inspiring way this city came together first-hand, Blanco was moved to take action within the community. In addition to participating in fundraising events for the tornado victims and volunteering in the neighborhood clean ups, Brown will also be making a donation toward the tornado relief efforts.

Friday night, the “TrailerTrap” creator returned for his second appearance on the Grand Ole Opry stage, performing Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come” in addition to “I Need Love,” backed by the world-famous house band for the first time. Blanco returned for an encore performance Saturday night to a heartfelt ovation from the crowd as he addressed not only the devastation in Tennessee but all of the hardships the world is currently facing.

With each day that passes since deciding to release the song, his decision has taken on bigger and more powerful meaning.

The heart-filled “I Need Love,” backed by Brown’s signature 808’s, is a desperate plea and a vulnerable peek into the struggles he’s faced in the past. Focused more than ever on positivity, purpose and love, Brown’s ultimate goal is to make the world a better place with his music. His latest single with the Platinum-selling Country act Parmalee, “Just the Way” follows that movement as an anthem for self-love and self-acceptance. The video mimics the sentiment as well, bringing joy to faces with simple tokens of appreciation.