Brad Paisley Releases First Song Off American Saturday Nights

Brad Paisley releases “Then”, the first single off his new album “American Saturday Nights” which is due out this summer!

Courtesy of Paisley received much critical acclaim when he unveiled the first single from his new album during last night’s Country Radio Seminar. Quotes like , “If he needed another career song, this would be it!” and “It’s quite possibly the best song he’s ever done, and that’s saying a lot,” from renowned country radio stations are already pouring in.

Paisley is set to release his new album, American Saturday Night, on June 30. The disc marks Paisley’s eighth studio album, including a holiday collection and his most recent release, last year’s mostly-instrumental excursion: the chart-topping Play.
The first single from American Saturday Night – “Then,” co-written by Paisley, Chris DuBois, and Ashley Gorley – was unveiled last night during an invitation-only performance for an enthusiastic audience of industry movers & shakers gathered in Nashville for the annual Country Radio Seminar.

“Then” will ship to country radio stations this Monday, March 9, with an official airplay impact date of March 23. Fans anxious to latch onto a copy won’t have to wait long, since the digital single for “Then” will be available at online music providers everywhere beginning March 17.

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4 Replies to “Brad Paisley Releases First Song Off American Saturday Nights”

  1. I see you talked about Brad’s new song from hi supcoming album but why no article about Tim Mcgraw.

    He was the headliner and CRS Jam and performed many songs from his upcoming album. Are you interested in all of country music are jsut your select few.

  2. Hi Janet,

    I just received the press release for Brad’s new single this afternoon and posted it as I had time. Unfortunately unless something comes across my desk (much like your comment) then I usually don’t hear about it until the rest of the news sources are spreading the word. I am always open to posting news from both fans and artists (as well as their publicists) and I welcome guest posts from dedicated readers with open arms. I appreciate the heads up on Tim McGraw’s performance, and will dig up more details to share with our readers.

  3. So you were going to dig up more news on Tim’s new songs, where’s it at. I do know one of the new songs is Forever Seventeen written by Joe Doyle, awesome song.

    So where’s the news on Tim?