Brad Paisley Underwater

>Tonight, at 10pm ET GAC will air Brad Paisley’s Underwater special that documented the struggle to recover in time for an upcoming tour.

This special will follow Brad through the damage caused by last months flood in Nashville. It is exactly one month after Brad launched his H2O World Tour in Virginia Beach. It follows Brad through the tragedy of finding his guitars and much of his tour equipment drowned in four feet of water, and through his crew’s amazing rebuild as all of Brad’s staging was replaced in little more than two weeks.

“What’s crazy about the tour is that we literally had to do things that we’d never had to do before,” Brad explains. “We usually take three weeks to rehearse something, and the first week is kind of gettin’ everything in line. Second week, you start runnin’ stuff. Third week, you’re goin’, ‘OK, we need this better, we need this better.’”

Set your DVR fans or tune in live tonight at 10pm ET on GAC! GAC will also run the special four times throughout the day on Tuesday.Country Music Photo Gallery

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