Brad Paisley’s New Album Play In Stores Today!

Brad Paisley is proud to release his new album “Play” to stores today! This album focuses on Brad’s amazing guitar skills and features collaborations with other chart-topping artists like Keith Urban, Buck Owens, Steve Wariner, BB King and even Andy Griffith. Each track brings forth little pieces of Paisley’s heart and soul. My personal favorites so far are tied between “Kim” which somehow pulls my heartstrings without a word, and the playful intro to “Start a Band” where you can hear him laughing about dropping his guitar pick into the body of the guitar which is something I’ve done more times than I can count.

Now my question is, with the obvious skill, top names, and excellent musicianship on the instrumental tracks of this album, how many tracks do YOU think will get national radio airplay? I believe that Brad Paisley’s “Play” album sets the stage for a resurgence in skilled guitarists taking the spotlight in pop country, which is something I’ve sorely missed.

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One Reply to “Brad Paisley’s New Album Play In Stores Today!”

  1. dear brad, I am bonnie stokes, I don’t get to go to any concerts because of my disability, so I basically read the blog’s on the internet, I saw where you went to a lady’s husband’s funeral. that was so awesom of you. for you to take time out of your very hectic schedule and do that for someone. I wish there was a way I could go and see a concert, but due to my fear of large crowds It’s not possible. I have been disabled since 1989. I have been in my wheelchair for more than ten years, due to degenerative dish syndrome. keep the music going. God bless and take care. tell your family I said hello. I am on a fixed income, but I don’t let my disability stop me. again, thank you brad. please tell Mr. Andy Griffith, and his family. I don’t let my disability stop me from doing the thing’s I love to do, which is singing, country and gospel. e-mail me and always remember, God loves you always.