Caitlin & Will Have a First Single At Last!

Caitlin and Will finally release their first single, and it’s sure to be an instant hit!

Caitlin & Will were surprise winners of last year’s Can You Duet competition with stunning chemistry and certainly a unique sound. So where did they go after the big win? Well it seems they spent a little time getting things just right before making their big breakthrough because their first single “Even Now” is absolutely perfect. Gone is the awkwardness, and it would seem they stuck to their individuality. Will is still that teddy bear you just want to hug on, and Caitlin is a powerhouse to be reckoned with. Together they’re just amazing! A big thanks to CMTT for breaking this story open!

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2 Replies to “Caitlin & Will Have a First Single At Last!”

  1. I’ve waited patiently for Caitlin and Will’s music to be released and it is well worth the wait. When they
    were put together on the show, I didn’t believe they had a chance, but by the last 3 shows, they brought
    tears to my eyes….they were that good. They still bring tears to my eyes….everytime I hear “Address in the
    Stars” I think of people who are no longer with us and it brings them closer to me. Caitlin has a powerful
    voice and Will compliments her and his guitar playing is fantastic. I’m 70 years old, but if they are playing in
    this area and I don’t have to walk to get to a lawn chair seat, I’ll be there, cheering them on. They are THAT good.

  2. These tow blow every duo out of the water. They are amazing. The vocals, Will’s guitar playing. I am so happy Aimee and Brett put them together on the show. I love their songs. You are right- it was worth the wait!!!