Calling all Tim McGraw Fans!

Tim McGraw fans seem to be up in arms over a lack of news from his camp, so I’m calling all those fans to help us out!

Tim McGraw is everywhere these days, with hosting duties at CRS-40, a performance scheduled at the 2009 ACM awards show, and even winning a Mom’s Choice award for his best-selling children’s book “My Little Girl”. But what about new music? After digging into both my files, and my favorite country music news sources, it turns out that nobody has made a peep about any new releases from the McGraw camp in quite some time. Instead I find rumor of him previewing new tracks at CRS-40, along with what appears to be some dissatisfaction with the powers-that-be at Curb Records:

Tim McGraw previewed music from his upcoming album during his Wednesday night (March 4) performance at the Country Radio Seminar’s annual Music City Jam, but he indicated he has no idea when Curb Records will release it. Throughout the evening, McGraw and the Warren Brothers, who hosted the show, made several verbal jabs at the label for continuing to release singles from McGraw’s Let It Go album that was released in March 2007. Last year, McGraw apologized to fans for Curb’s decision to release a third greatest hits album instead of the project he finished recording more than a year ago. (read more)

So I’m calling out to Tim McGraw fans everywhere (and especially those who were at CRS-40). What were the new songs? How did they sound? Is it worth the wait? Where do you get YOUR Tim fix? I can wait forever for his press team to send me some dirt, but I know some of you dedicated fans are far more “on top of it” than they seem to be :-)Country Music Photo Gallery

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5 Replies to “Calling all Tim McGraw Fans!”

  1. I will never buy on of his CD’s again. He doesn’t appeal to me anymore like he used to. I used to post on CMT message Boards but now they won’t let me post anymore. So I will not continue to be bullied by Country Music and the Artists. If Tim really wanted to put out new music ..he could pay off his contract and move o. At the rate he’s going, no one will care to hear him anymore.

  2. I’m tired of waiting Tim. Meanwhile I am enjoyong the New Rascal Flatts Cd and Jason Michael Carroll CD. By the time Tim decides to grow some Balls, I would have moved on already. Bye Tim!

  3. Ignore them first two post they are from the resident crazy person that uses multiple names on CMT. She is out there. She is not a Tim fan.

    Can’t wait for the new album know its going to be awesome, all his music is.

  4. I really don’t think Tim’s next album is going to be ant better. He’s no longer being reached by the young fans and the old fans are getting tired of waiting for him. Most have moved on to the more productive Artists.

  5. Another post, different name same person, you really have issues with your multiple names TinkerBelle and whatever other name you use.