Calling Brad Paisley Fans!

Brad Paisley fans wanted to share opinions on the new album, American Saturday Nights

Brad Paisley NewsBrad Paisley’s new album “American Saturday Nights” has now been out for about 2 weeks, and had 2 singles hit the radio airwaves and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve just recently moved to the middle of the sticks and haven’t received my order of the album yet! I want to know, what do you like about it? What don’t you like? Any surprises? Does it have a rip-roarin’ guitar solo somewhere on there? Help a girl out!!!

Wouldn’t you know all I’ve had to feed on so far is this awesome teaser?
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5 Replies to “Calling Brad Paisley Fans!”

  1. Curious if anyone knows were to purchase the new version of Brad Paisley’s “Then” where its just him singing and only a piano playing?

    Email me if you know…..

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