Carrie Underwood Christmas Special

Carrie Underwood will be hosting her own holiday special Dec 7th on Fox!

Carrie Underwood News

Carrie Underwood has announced that she will be hosting her own variety  show December 7th on Fox (8/7c). The two hour special will feature Carrie performing songs from her new album “Play On” as well as some holiday classics. Other guests on the special include Brad Paisley, David Cook, and Dolly Parton.Country Music Photo Gallery

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13 Replies to “Carrie Underwood Christmas Special”

  1. what a shame. carrie’s christmas show complete flop! first, no christmas theme and secondly what a shame that carrie let all her stardom go to her head! I can’t believe had full of herself she is. mocking her mother and sisters and singing her own praises.

  2. Carrie’s Christmas Show was great. Wonderful guests, great music, cool sets. I hope next time she will have more Christmas songs. Very interesting bits from American Idol!

  3. It’s sad but I couldn’t get through 3 whole songs of that contrite, forced performance. Her acting was stiff, singing was shrill, and it did NOTHING to endear me as a fan. Poor show Carrie, poor show.

  4. I thought the show was terrible. The skits were corny and there were hardly any Xmas songs or a holiday set. A total waste of two hours.

  5. Why has Carrie turned into a skank? Honestly, the so called “Christmas Special” was just a chance for her to start her acting career. it seems that every celebrity that can sing also thinks they have to act as well. What happened to her Christian background? Now she’s prancing around in leather pants, knee-hi and thigh-hi boots, revealing clothes?? What has happened to Carrie? People liked her because she was the down to earth everyday farm girl and she totally let the fame go to her head. Horrible show and really hate Carrie now. Wish she would go back to the person I saw in concert 2 years ago….its a shame

  6. I read a lot of these posts and find them interesting. I really like the opportunity we all have to express our opinions.

    I do continue to wonder, though, why the spelling and grammar are so bad in almost every post. The only reason I mention it is that your posts would be so much more meaningful and easier to understand if they were easier to interpret. Sometimes it’s like reading a foreign language.

    Your sub-par grammar just gives you less credibility overall.

    Additionally — you are so unkind in your criticism — does it make you feel better about yourselves?

    Perhaps if you spent more time paying attention in school — or going to school — you would be able to succeed in life yourselves rather than tearing successful people down.

  7. I love Carrie Underwood and when I saw her in concert she was awesome. The variety show however…I was disappointed. Too much playing around (skits were stupid) and not enough singing. Hated the part where she was trying to find her sister a date. My Sister NEVER let me do a humiliating skit like that with her!!

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  9. Just watched Carries’s 2009 Christmas special. What a disappointment. Talk about an ego!! All about Carrie & more Carrie. For shame Carrie..Why did you call it a
    Christmas Special?