Carrie Underwood Crew Member Killed

Carrie Underwood crew member dies after his truck careens off an embankment.

A truck driver working as part of Carrie Underwood’s crew for her Play On tour was killed this morning in a fatal truck accident on I-95 on the way to her show at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, CT‎. The driver was carrying parts of Carrie’s staging when the truck careened off of the highway and plummeted down an embankment before bursting into flames. Reports say that the driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving. The highway was closed off for many hours today as the wreckage was cleaned up. The show will however, go on as scheduled tonight according to a Foxwoods representative. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the truck driver, as well as Carrie and the rest of her crew.Country Music Photo Gallery

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6 Replies to “Carrie Underwood Crew Member Killed”

  1. Carrie Underwood is a b****! I now have NO respect for her anymore! Her crew member just died and some of her equipment is ruined, and is still putting the show on, that is DISRESPECTFUL for that driver and their family!!!

  2. Hey Anonymous, your comment is completely inappropriate. Its a no win situation. Had Carrie not performed she would have been criticized for canceling the show. I saw this coming, no matter what her decision she would have been jumped on. How about showing a little respect yourself and pray for this person who lost their life as well as for the family. By the way, although I was not there at the show I understand via those that were that Carrie honored this individual and dedicated a song to him. It will most likely be on YouTube. Look for it, we will see then who is being disrespectful. I feel sorry for you. So sad.

  3. Totally agree that is a no-win situation. Certainly a tragedy and very sad, but in a business with a motto of “The show must go on.” I know that, I, for one, would certainly want her to continue and go on with the show if it were me… not stop and dwell or disappoint the fans. There are always risks, especially when touring because it’s a known fact that there is little sleep and long days/nights… he was willing to take that risk and unfortunately, it cost him. But to think that Carrie or the other crew members are selfish and uncaring because they continued with the show shows ignorance on that person because it’s much more difficult and shows true professionalism to go on and continue during such an incident than it is to just “give up” and take the day off.

    The video dedication speaks volumes to their loss. Thanks for posting, Bob. You’re right – 1st poster is “silly!”

  4. I don’t think Carrie underwood has fans that heartless that they would have pitched a fit had she canceled a concert out of respect for a life tragically taken. Her fans might be insane but I don’t think they are that cold hearted. I think it should have been postponed for about a month out of respect for the crew member, it just would have made her look much better in the eyes of her peers and people who are on the fence about her. I don’t know though, I think it is very rare for a crew member to be killed, I’ll have to do some research to see what artists or performers have done but I’m guessing that MOST with a heart would postpone the show.

  5. BTW, how can the first poster look silly when he/she is Anonymous? I think the folks who look silly are the people claiming a nameless/faceless person looks silly. It might be the President of the USA posting, no one knows. LOL. Just because an opinion is different then your own, doesn’t make it silly.