Carrie Underwood Press Conference Letdown

>Carrie Underwood makes a big hooplah about Olay?

Carrie Underwood fans weren’t exactly thrilled with this morning’s press conference, and probably for good reason. After her obvious snub from the 2010 CMA’s, fans were expecting a new tour announcement, a new single, or even a simple statement congratulating the other nominees and wishing them the best. Heck, some even expected announcements of a baby to complete her year of family growth. Instead, they’re getting a commercial for cosmetics. That’s right, Carrie Underwood is holding a press conference to announce that she is endorsing Olay products, and will be their first “Celebrity Ambassador”.

I think I will hold a press conference… in it I will announce that I prefer Folgers French Roast coffee, Subway over Quizno’s, and Dodge over Ford… Apparently commercial endorsements are the only thing press conference-worthy for Carrie this fall?

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7 Replies to “Carrie Underwood Press Conference Letdown”

  1. Uh, only idiots would think Carrie was going to hold a press conference to announce a pregnancy seeing as she’s said over and over again they’re going to wait to have kids and besides which, she’s a private person. People don’t hold press conferences to announce new singles either and usually press releases not press conferences announce new tours.

    Also the snub was from the CMAs in the Entertainer Of The Year category, she still got 2 nominations. It makes no sense to draw attention to the snub. Why would she make a statement and act like she’s the only person who was snubbed? Is Jason Aldean having a press conference to talk about how badly he was robbed by the CMAs?

    Press conferences happen because sponsors want them to happen. Just because you built something up in your mind doesn’t mean it made any sense for you do to that.

  2. I do believe the it Olay that called the press conference, not Carrie personally. It was a great announcement and she will do great for them! So no, most of her fans were not disappointed. Most of us tuned in because we support Carrie.

  3. Thank you ‘reality check’ and Michelle – no one was let down by the press conference. I’m quite sure any true fan of Carrie’s knew that she was not going to talk about anything private or to do with recent nominations. She’s got too much class and she just doesn’t operate that way. I’m happy for her and I don’t think 27 is too young to think about your skin (and as she said, she’s been taking care of her skin since college, and probably before.) But I’m glad she is going to be talking about it. You’re never too young or too old to for a good skin care routine – I’ll have to start now but it’s better to start than not. Good luck to Carrie and Olay.

  4. Whiskeygirl, just my opinion, but I do feel you are taking some huge liberties proclaiming that Carrie’s fans “weren’t exactly thrilled”. How about I don’t speak for you and you don’t speak for me! Fair enough!

  5. UHHHH… who was let down?!?! This is a great opportunity for Carrie and her status as mega star. This is her FIRST beauty endorsement and is going to be a big sponsor for her fall leg of the Play On tour. This is very exciting and I agree with some of the comments…No way in hell would Carrie announce a private matter such as a pregnancy for the whole world to know. Us fans are thrilled and excited for this new venture for Carrie.

  6. You are not speaking for me…I was thrilled with Carrie’s endorsement!! Olay called the press conferance, they were proud to have Carrie on board!! ET is talking about Carrie’s new gig tonight! Evidently they think it is news worthy! Good for you, Carrie! Congratulations!!

  7. It was Olay who had more to do with the big “hooplah” more than Carrie did.

    Carrie’s never held an official press conference in her life, and she’s made bigger announcements than this. What honestly makes you think she would’ve done all of this on her own to promote an endorsement? The brand did it. Carrie draws major publicity, so they made it big news. Carrie blogged about it, and it really gave the media something to look forward to.

    Carrie blogged again today saying “exciting news is coming very soon!”, so we have something else to look forward to.
    Welcome to Carrie Country. 🙂 Congrats to Carrie and Olay for the amazing endorsement!