Faith Hill Confirms she will Sing for Sunday Night Football

Faith Hill has been waiting all summer for a good Sunday night! In a press release this last weekend, Faith Hill confirms that she will continue to show her love for the NFL by singing the opening intro to Sunday Night Football for the 2010-2011 Season. The song “Waiting all day for Sunday Night” has been the opening theme now going on 4 years. When asked about her thoughts on NFL, Hill states: “I’m a football fan. I have to be to be able to have a conversation with my husband during football season … I’ve learned a lot about football over the last [several] years. I understand when to ask a question. Something’s happened on the field, and I don’t quite understand what’s going on, you never ask during a replay. You never ask a question during a replay!” Not really sure where she was going with that, but we are sure glad going to keep singing!Country Music Photo Gallery

Faith Hill Dumps Manager

In a surprise statement from Faith Hill and Gary Borman, the team announces they are splitting up after 16 successful years. Faith Hill and manager Gary Borman have confirmed that they are parting ways. Faith Hill has made no specific statements as to why the team is splitting up after 16 highly successful years. In a joint statement, they said the following: “We are so proud of what we have achieved together over the past 16 years. We love each other like a sister and a brother, but have made the difficult choice to dissolve our professional relationship.” Gary is currently also managing Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum however, so I would imagine his plate is already quite full. Perhaps with a new manager we will hear new music from Faith? Country Music Photo Gallery

Faith Hill’s Fantasy Football Picks

Faith Hill picks her winners and losers for NFL’s Opening Week! Faith Hill, the voice of Sunday Night Football on NBC-TV, has made her picks for NFL week 1. Faith, the voice of Sunday night pigskin action for the 3rd year straight year, is the only country artist to ever perform the National Anthem and “America The Beautiful” for the Super Bowl (XXXIV and XLIII). Faith Hill hasn’t disappointed her Nashville neighbors as she picks the Titans to take the Steelers tonight (09/10) in the league opener. To get Faith’s picks for this week and every week, visit Music Photo Gallery

Faith Hill Finishes Christmas Album

Faith Hill will be singing “Joy to the World” this fall as her long-awaited holiday album hits store shelves this September. After 2 years in the making and a few minor setbacks (including knee surgery and a bronchial infection) Faith Hill has finally put the finishing touches on a christmas album that was two years in the making. The album, titled “Joy to the World”, will feature holiday classics like “O Holy Night” and “Winter Wonderland” as well as the original single “A Baby Changes Everything” written by Nashville’s own Tim Nichols, Craig Wiseman, and K.K. Wiseman. A big factor in the albums lengthy production was Faith Hill’s determination to make this holiday hit everything she had imagined. This means including The Nashville Orchestra as well as the London-based choirs Metro Voices and The London Oratory School Boys Choir. “I had a very clear vision for the type of Christmas album that I wanted to make,” said Hill. “Indicative of the big band orchestras of the ’40s and ’50s, with a full compliment of horns, stings, woodwinds, percussion and chorales. David’s orchestrations were a gift. They embodied everything that I could have imaged; unique and beautiful, and yet they seem as though they were always intended for these songs.” Here she is referring to David Campbell who has also worked with such greats as Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones. “Joy to the World will release on September 16th 2008, and in the meantime Faith is spending her time with her children while husband Tim McGraw carries on with his “Live your Voice” tour. For Tim McGraw tour dates, as well as updates on upcoming Faith Hill concerts, please visit our partner site, Country Music On Tour.Country Music Photo Gallery

Faith Hill Premieres “That’s Alright Mamma” Video in Tribute to Elvis

Faith Hill is set to premiere her performance of Elvis Presley’s classic “That’s Alright Mama,” today at 11am EST. After originally recording both “Mama” and “Peace In The Valley” for “Viva Las Vegas,” a 2-hour ABC Network television special honoring the late singer, CMT began airing “Peace In The Valley.” But numerous inquiries were made at requesting “Mama,” and now the Grammy Award winning singer will give the video its online premiere. “We recorded “Mama” and “Peace In The Valley,” last year in a completely empty arena, in the round and stripped down, said Faith. “It was a blast. We channeled Elvis by setting the stage as if we were back in 1968 (his comeback special). These songs and being a part of the special reminded me of who he was, what he stood for; he defined what it was and is to be an entertainer.” The “Viva Las Vegas” special, produced in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc, originally aired on September 18, 2007. The special honored Elvis Presley’s legacy and contribution to contemporary music, and featured some of music’s most influential and talented artists, including Celine Dion, Aerosmith, and Paul McCartney. The complete 2-hour special, which includes Faith’s covers of “That’s All Right Mama” and “Peace in the Valley,” is set for a DVD release in Spring 2008.Country Music Photo Gallery