Jennette McCurdy’s Debut EP

iCarly’s Sam Puckett steps out on her own: Jennette McCurdy debuts in country music with her first EP, Not That Far Away. Jennette McCurdy may not be a name you’re familiar with, but ask your daughters who Sam Puckett is and just watch their eyes light up! That’s because Sam Puckett is the character Jennette plays on the hit Nickelodeon show iCarly. Make no mistake though, Jennette is not suffering a bad-wig-induced identity crisis nor a coming-of-age breakthrough. She’s simply a talented, well-rounded girl with a knack for comedy, and a stellar voice. Not just stellar… phenomenal! Unlike other current pop stars, her live performances add to the rich, developed, controlled, and all-around quality her voice carries. Take a listen to the clip below and tell me Taylor could pull that off! Then, when you hear that I’m right, hop over to and buy her debut EP. Heck, buy 2 copies! One for you and one to replace your daughter’s copy of Fearless! [youtube:]Country Music Photo Gallery

Jennette McCurdy – Not That Far Away – Video

Jennette McCurdy debuts in country music with her video for Not That Far Away. You may know her as Sam, the ever-hungry and always perky sidekick to iCarly, but did you know that Jennette McCurdy is also an aspiring country music artist? Take a look at her debut video for “Not That Far Away”. [youtube:]Country Music Photo Gallery