Giveaway: Jessta James Prize Pack

Your Chance to Win Some Cool Jessta James Merch! Yesterday (Tuesday, May 21st) Jessta James released his album Time To Get Right, and in celebration of the new record, we’re giving our readers the chance to win some cool Jessta-themed merch including a T-shirt, album copy and decal! All you need to do is follow the very simple directions below. After you enter, be sure to give James’ new music a listen. You’ll be glad you did…promise! Giveaway Guidelines: Step 1: (If you aren’t already!) Follow us @CMNBlog and @JesstaJames on Twitter! Step 2: Send out the following tweet: “I entered to win a country prize pack from @JesstaJames via @CMNBlog! You can too! Details here: #CountryMusic” Step 3: When we receive your tweet, you’re entered to win! Important Info: Winners will be randomly selected and notified individually via Twitter. Prizes provided by Girlilla Marketing. Tweets must be received by 12:00pm Wednesday, May 29th. Winners will not be eligible for another prize drawing until 90days after this one. Check out the Jessta James Merch for Giveaway!

Interview: Jessta James Talks New Album and Fresh Sound

Interview: Jessta James Shares About His Brand New Album and The Fresh Hybrid Sound It Features. Jessta James hails from Montana originally, and his brand of country features clear influences that reach far beyond the bounds of Nashville, TN. The music you’ll hear on his debut album, Time To Get Right, skillfully blends country with rock and hip hop. Now, there really are a lot of folks out there putting these seemingly unrelated genres together, but James stands apart in that there is a naturalness to his songs that I haven’t heard from others representing this sound. He currently records and produces his music out of a studio in Atlanta, and this new album will be featured on his own label. It is currently available, having released Tuesday, May 21st, and I highly suggest you give it a listen! Before you do though, hear from Jessta himself on why his music is the way it is, and where it comes from. So, you’re working on this new album, what is your creative process like? My creative process is really anything and everything. Usually, typically speaking, I will sit down with my producer and my guitar player and I’ll have an idea, a concept, different musical elements I want to incorporate. And we’ll sit there and mess around with a riff, and I’ll come up with a chorus and once we have a solid start we’ll go from there. I’ve learned that its best that I finish an idea once I start. I read that you didn’t start writing till your early 20’s, what inspired you to get into it? I was raised on country and rock music all my life. I had never written any songs or sang but my friends and I would freestyle when we were just hanging out. Another artist heard me, and told me I really needed to write it down. When you’re writing, where do you pull the most inspiration from? The title track is about my brother Matt. I wrote that song to him, all the things I never got to say to him. That was a very deep, personal song. The song “Better Man” is to my whole family, about my Dad, the relationship with my son, my wife…It strikes a chord with people everywhere, when we perform it live. “Rock N Roll Angel” is for my wife. There’s no way I could be doing this without the support of my wife. You have actual experience in the hip-hop genre, what lead you to that scene? I got into hip hop because it was new to me. I would just find myself listening to whatever was different, whatever caught my ear. There weren’t really any artists that I could relate to because I couldn’t relate to the content in the material. But I like the sounds, it was appealing to my ear and I wanted to take it and hone it into something that fit me. When I started to make music, I Continue reading Interview: Jessta James Talks New Album and Fresh Sound

Giveaway: Jessta James Song Outlaw Heaven

Giveaway: Get New Music from New Country Artist Jessta James! There’s a new country music artist in town, and he’s bringing a fresh, genre bending sound with him! Montana born and raised Jessta James‘ personal brand of country travels a road a little different from either the traditional or current mainstream pop-leaning country most fans are used to. Featuring a heaping of hip hop and a little more than a dash of rock, Jessta skillfully blends these genres together, and the result is authentic and organic, coming straight from the heart. On his upcoming release, Time To Get Right, listeners will find stories and themes in the song’s lyrics that are every day and rooted in personal experience. They will find a collection of tracks that showcase a range from high energy party anthems like “If That Ain’t Country” and “Back In The Day” to slower paced more touching tunes like “Better Man” and “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” They will find, laid out in one record, an artist’s life journey and lessons learned (to this point). While Jessta’s sound is probably a little different than what you’re used to, I highly encourage you to give him a listen! CMNB is even going to make that just a little bit easier for you by giving you a free download of “Outlaw Heaven” from the upcoming release! Get some great new music from Jessta James by entering below! Jessta James, Time To Get Right Complete Track Listing. 1. If That Ain’t Country 2. Outlaw Heaven 3. Cowgirl Boots 4. Ride One 5. Rock N Roll Angel 6. Better Man 7. Made In The USA 8. Bow Chicka 9. Back In The Day 10. Time To Get Right 11. Let’s Ride 12. I Can’t Stop Loving You 13. Run, Sinner, Run (Matthew 7: 13-14)