New Documentary From Noisey Explores Outlaw Country Influence

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The often-controversial always-deep-digging journalist team over at Vice’s “Noisey” division have been diving into music history as they take a hard look at the outlaws of country music and explore the way they influence the industry today. Shooter Jennings and Sam Hunt join in on the conversation as they talk about how Waylon, Willie, Johnny, and Merle are to this day the driving force behind stepping outside of the Nashville template and finding a unique sound in the country music world. *Please note there is strong language and drug use in this video which means you may not want to watch it at work, but let’s not pretend our country forefathers weren’t doing the same things 😉 The Noisey documentary series, Under the Influence, takes a deeper look at the stories and lasting impacts of the world’s most influential music scenes. Sponsored by Pandora Premium, Noisey interviews today’s outlaws including Margo Price, Nikki Lane, Shooter Jennings, Jelly Roll and more to understand the genre’s origins in the American West to now. The documentary spotlights the influential original outlaws including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings. Noisey travels with Margo Price to Denver to the Sundance Cultivation Center, a medical marijuana facility inspired by Willie nelson’s career on the road. Margo explains what drew her to Outlaw Country and why she relates to Willie Nelson as she self-medicates. Waylon Jennings’ son, Shooter, speaks on his father being a pioneer influencer while his grandson, Struggle Jennings, shows how he combines country and hip-hop with the rapper Jelly Roll. Keeping its independent spirit alive today, these artists explain what the term “outlaw” means to them and how the new generation is finding success by combing country music with R&B, Rap, Rock and other genres. How Outlaw Country Keeps the Renegade Independent Spirit Alive:   Listen to Noisey’s Outlaw Country mixtape on Pandora. Save Save