Rosanne Cash – Composed Review

Rosanne Cash provides a personal, and engaging account of her life thus far in “Composed”. Rosanne Cash has long lived in the shadow of her father’s legacy. His notoriety within the country music and Americana circles has long been both a demon and a blessing that his eldest daughter has danced with throughout her life. But unlike the media, that is NOT what she focuses on in her auto-biography that hit store bookshelves today. In my line of work I receive dozens upon dozens of books to review each month, each telling the story of one artists’ life or another. In each I usually find a predictable formula… a chronological telling of facts as they built up to the celebrity we now know from news media, radio and movies. But in Composed: A Memoir you forget that you are reading such a tale. Instead, she has managed to write her story in such a way that you feel as if you have been allowed the rare opportunity to sneak a peek into the diary of an old friend.You find yourself relating to her experiences with her place in the family, her self-esteem, and the way individual events alter her perception of life. From beginning to its current stopping point, you are fully enveloped in her world, and as you reach the end of the book, it is abundantly clear her story is far from over.Country Music Photo Gallery

Rosanne Cash in Wall Street Journal

Rosanne Cash tells Wall Street Journal that she doesn’t know any Taylor Swift songs nor does she listen to country radio. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Rosanne Cash explains how she came about the songs for her new album “The List” and how she can’t tell you any of Taylor Swift’s chart-topping hits! Check it out at The Wall Street Journal.Country Music Photo Gallery