Interview: Scott DeCarlo Radio Ready and Ready to Rock

Interview: Scott DeCarlo Brings Fresh, Rockin’, Radio Ready Sound to Country Music! There sure are a lot of new talents making their voices heard on the country scene this year, and one of the most promising has got to be New Jersey native Scott DeCarlo. He has one fresh, summer perfect, radio ready single, “Havin’ A Good Time,” circulating right now (listen below!), and it is sure to make you want to ditch the the 9 to 5 and head out for a cold drink and some sunshine (As I write this, it is a beyond beautiful day outside, and I really want to do just that!). We took a few minutes to chat via phone recently, and DeCarlo shared with me that he wrote the song in between his move from NJ to Nashville, where he’s lived for about a year now. He said that basically, “I’m an all around have a good time kind of guy,” and from the amount of joking around he did during the interview, I’d say that’s probably true. Scott struck me as not only a down to earth kind of guy, but also someone who’s willing and able to roll with the punches, an attribute that folks need if they’re gonna make it in a tough industry like the music biz. On top of his easy going personality though, he’s really got the talent to make in the long run, and I think that’s pretty clear in his current single alone (so be sure to listen!). In addition to pushing “Havin’ A Good Time,” DeCarlo is working on a self-financed EP, and he already has about twelve or so songs in the works. When asked to classify his “sound” he said it has a “real edgy rock” vibe, and he claims a wide variety of influences from his mother’s favorite, Elvis to Queen to Skynyrd. So, hopefully, we can expect to hear more from him soon! Be sure to give him a listen below, and find him rabble rousing on Twitter and Facebook! One thing Scott wants you to know about him…the music is real! “I would want them to know the music is genuine, its not contrived. I’m not trying to be anything I’m not, keeping it real. Doing what I hear in my head, not adhering to any standard.” Listen: Scott DeCarlo “Havin’ A Good Time.” Love Instagram? Have a little fun with Scott and send him your “Havin A Good Time” pics using #HavinAGoodTime!