The Cleverlys Sign with Moonstruck Management

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Moonstruck Management is excited to announce they have signed The Cleverlys to the agency. Their one-of-a-kind comedy/music blend can only be described as a “GrassHipPop Fushion” with hilarious covers from “Gangnam Style” to Beck’s “Loser” taking them to some of the hottest stages around the country. “We are so excited to partner with Moonstruck! Josh has been stalking us for a while now, and I noticed his hard work and dedication to his stable. Even at gun point I can feel the love. This is going to be an amazing kidnapping…I mean partnership,” said Digger Cleverly. Rolling Stone Magazine says Digger’s “out-of-date eyeglasses are as thick as his hillbilly accent, but whose comic sensibilities are a hilariously off-kilter hybrid of Homer & Jethro and The Office.” The publication highlighted The Cleverlys’ “uncaged cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘By the Way‘ from their latest six-song EP, Cash Crop, released on the Average Joes Entertainment label and produced by Noah Gordon. Cash Crop is available now on iTunes. Digger is joined by his faux-family band are all accomplished musicians, their influences include Bill Monroe, Tony Rice, Public Enemy and Mott the Hoople. As heard from their previous releases, Cash Crop showcases the group’s ability to put a bluegrass spin on cover songs from any genre. The genius arrangements of covers by Digger Cleverly has created incredible viral success with millions of views. “I have been a fan of The Cleverly’s for the last 4-5 years. Their stage show is one of the most entertaining and well-crafted shows in music today,” said Josh Trivett. “I booked them for the 2016 Huck Finn Festival in California that Moonstruck Management was organizing. Once again, we watched them wow a crowd like no other band. I was so excited when Digger called me back in September and couldn’t be more excited about the future.” Moonstruck Management will soon announce The Cleverlys’ 2017 tour schedule, so be sure to sign up for news at Also please join them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel because you seriously can’t begin to know what’s coming next!  

The Cleverlys Kick Grass With New EP, "Cash Crop"

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The Cleverlys Kick Grass With New EP, “Cash Crop”  Available Friday, August 12 on iTunes Rolling Stone Country Track Premiere of “By The Way,” And Bluegrass Today Video Premiere of “Loser” Now Live Comedic bluegrass band, The Cleverlys, celebrate the release of their new five-song EP, “Cash Crop,” Friday, August 12 by giving fans a sneak peak of their video, “Loser,” on today . Fans can also check out Rolling Stone Country’s exclusive premiere of the new track, “By The Way,” here. Commenting on the group’s “stylized remake of Beck’s 1994, ‘Loser,’ with a bluegrass twist,” remarked, “It’s a rip-roarin’ battle in the ring as Digger Cleverly and the boys turn Beck’s recitation into a groovin’ grass tune with tongues firmly implanted in their cheeks.” Rolling Stone Country added, “Until the Cleverlys came along, it was nearly impossible to find bluegrass bands writing songs about podophilia (that’s a fancy word for foot worship), sharing tales of milking alpacas and mixing grassed-up covers of songs from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flo Rida and Beyoncé into their vast and delightfully strange repertoire.” remarked, “they also showcase that they are more than just a cover act and are in fact a bona fide bluegrass band …incredible harmonies, top-notch songwriting….they are able to showcase their extreme ly raw talent as they didn’t re-arrange the songs to make them fit the mold of what they do, but they rather took their style and fit it incredibly into where it by no means should fit as well as this.” For more information on The Cleverlys, visit; follow;;; instagram/@thecleverlys