Thompson Square – Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not – Video

Thompson Square wastes no time asking Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not. The husband/wife duo, Thompson Square, received a good deal of complimentary criticism for their debut video “Let’s Fight” so it’s no surprise that they didn’t waste any time getting their sophomore single to the air. “Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not” hit CMT’s airwaves last week, and from the looks of things, this couple’s goin’ nowhere but up! Thompson Square   More CMT Music   More CMT Music Videos Country Music Photo Gallery

Thompson Square – Let’s Fight – Video

Thompson Square recently signed on to open for Jason Aldean’s tour, but who are they? This husband and wife duo is a country love song and legacy in the making. Thompson Square consists of Shawna and Keifer, country and rock, sugar and spice. The pair met while working their way through the crazy town of Nashville, trying to find their own way. After years of paying dues and romancing each other like crazy, they stumbled upon the best decision they ever made… to perform together. Now with their debut album “Let’s Fight” they’re performing their way all the way to the top! Check out Thompson Square performing the title track off that debut album: [youtube:]Country Music Photo Gallery