Country Album Sales Dropped 16.3 Percent in 2007

Country albums in 2007 suffered a 16.3 percent dip in sales from those of a year before, falling from almost 75 million copies to just under 63 million, according to the annual compilation from Nielsen SoundScan.”-CMT

Rumor has it sales are down in Nashville. While some seem surprised by this, I certainly am not. It used to be that each new star had somethin’ about them that really stood out. The hot canadian. The rustic cowboy. The rodeo man. The girl next door. You know who I’m talkin’ about. But in the year 2007 if I were interested in buying say… 10 new albums from the newest chart-toppers I’d be hard-pressed to find 10 that sounded different from each other. Hmmm… tough choice #1; Kelli Pickler or Taylor Swift? Kenny Chesney or Kieth Urban? Who can tell the difference anymore? I think sales only dropped in proportion to the number of options.


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