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Taylor SwiftThis week we begin showcasing our artist of the week by taking a closer look at that little blonde sweetheart, Taylor Swift. We all know she’s busted through the billboard charts over the last year with songs like “Tim McGraw“, “Teardrops on my Guitar“, and of course her current hit, “Our Song“. Now here’s a few things you may not have known:

Did you know that Taylor Swift was signed to her first record deal before she ever got her driving license? “I can drive in a straight line and turn,” admitted Taylor, “But I don’t like arrows and lines. And I don’t like stop signs. The whole bigger car rule definitely applies when I drive.”

Taylor’s first “big time” break was when the manager of Britney Spears team caught her performance of the national anthem at a U.S. Open tournament and brought her aboard. Soon after she would find herself featured as a rising star in an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign.

About that lovely mane, Taylor says: “I will never straighten my hair to impress a guy ever again.

Taylor gets her stylish cowboy boots from Liberty Boot Co. Liberty has served a lot of famous feet including Kid Rock, Hillary Duff, and Avril Lavigne.

Taylors response when asked her thoughts on Sushi: “Ha! I’ve been trying so hard to like sushi.. It’s trendy. I’m trying, but it’s not going so well so far. I love Japanese food, but I’m not into sushi so far.. yet. “

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the week for more on Taylor Swift!

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