Country Music Social Media Star, Matt Williams, Releases New Single

Matt Williams Engages 1 Million Fans With Highly Anticipated New Single “Used”

Yesterday (Oct. 22), Matt Williams released “Used,” his newest Contemporary Country Single. Matt is the most known “unknown” country artist who boasts nearly 1 million engaged fans on social media who earned their following one by one through sharing his passion for music, poetic song writing and high-energy performances. Matt has been topping the charts. His last single “Rain Down Sunshine,” topped the National Radio Hits Country Charts, New Music Weekly Country Radio Charts and AC/Hot AC Top 20.

Music insiders anticipate “Used” will continue radio airplay chart topping momentum and foster engagement from his loyal social media fans who have demonstrated their support and love of his music. The numbers say it all. Matt has had over 15,000,000 views across YouTube and 30,000,000 views on his recording of “Simple Southern Life.” Simply by posting this song on Facebook after recording it in his basement on his iPhone.

“’Used’ is about the bitter/sweet feelings that a man has about being USED by a woman. This guy knows he will never have a relationship with this woman, and that he will only be her ‘Go to Guy,’ but although he’s sad, he is living with it,” said Matt Williams, Combat Veteran who’s American Made…Southern Raised.