Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors Returns

“Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” Season Two Coming Soon!

Craig Morgan and Outdoor Channel have teamed up to give the hunting viewers what they want! After a very successful first season the hit reality show will return to television for the premier on June 25. The Saturday morning show will have 13 new episodes that give an inside look at Morgan’s travels with his crew as they cover North America looking to have a great time while scoring some great game! Other country artists, motocross stars and pro-athletes will join Morgan on each episode to try their luck in the woods as well as give viewers a few laughs. The captivating show is sure to give a “wish you were there” feeling for all hunters and country music fans alike!

Be sure to watch Saturday mornings at 11 am (EST) on Outdoor Channel!

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2 Replies to “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors Returns”

  1. I think Craig should have a member of the radio community accompany him on one of his hunting adventures. I hunt deer, turkey, rabbitts, you name it. I’d love to go on a hunt with Craig. It would be a great opportunity to tie in to a radio station! What do you think Craig? I’m game if you are!!!

  2. I just watched Craig Morgan hunting in Wyoming with a crossbow. I have never seen such bad shooting, especially in a TV show,in my life, and I only caught the last half.

    First he put a bolt high, just below the spine of a buck antelope. He was as excited as Ted Nugent after shooting a doe. He then came back after watching the video and said “well, after watching the footage I realized that my shot was not a lethal shot, so we are back at it. It did not appear they even made an effort to look for it.

    2nd, he found another antelope at 96 yards and down hill at quite an angle. Right after the shot you can see something hit the ground and make dust right in front or the buck and then the bolt sticks into its shoulder. It went down quick Craig could not believe he just made a 96 yard shot with a crossbow. He was more excited then Fred Ichler after a forked horn encounter. I just wanted to know if anybody else saw this and thinks it was a ricochet as well? If he did, he should have missed high, not low.

    3rd, he set up on a field and a average 4 point muley came through the field, and of course he missed it again. The guy he was with missed a muley as well.

    3 crossbow misses, one hit no recovery, and one incredible luck ricochet (maybe) all in half an episode!