Craig Morgan Releases EP

Craig Morgan Releases EP as Preview for Upcoming Album.

Craig Morgan will release a five song EP on November 1st as a kind of preview for fans for his upcoming album which is scheduled to release some time next year. The EP is titled “This Old Boy” after his recently released single which will be featured as one of the five tracks. Morgan is currently touring in addition to filming his show “Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors” which you can catch on Saturdays at 11am on

Tracks Featured on “This Old Boy” EP

1. This Ole Boy – (Ben Hayslip, Dallas Davidson, and Rhett Akins)
2. The Whole World Needs A Kitchen- (Craig Morgan, and Shane Minor)
3. Fish Weren’t Bitin’ – (Jimmy Yeary Marty Dodson)
4. Show Me Your Tattoo – (Ben Daniel, Skip Black)
5. Better Stories – (Monty Chriswell, Michael White, Lee Thomas Miller)

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