Craig Morgan This Ole Boy Album Review

Craig Morgan’s Album, This Ole Boy, Gives Us Exactly What We Have Been Waiting For!

I think this album as a whole is great! It is true to the Craig Morgan we know, serious when need be, but somebody you want to cut-up with and take on a camping trip!

The first single and title track, “This Ole Boy” is such a fun-loving song that puts a smile on my face each time I hear it! “More Trucks Than Cars” is another upbeat track that really puts you in a small town each time it is played!

Whole World Needs A Kitchen” kind of takes me back to his “That’s What I Love About Sunday” days. It’s got a bit of a mellow/easy-going/powerful thing happening. You know what I mean…not something you necessarily karaoke to, but you would definitely belt in your car!

There is so much to say about “Country Boys Like Me,” but put quite simply, I LOVE IT! When I said that this album is great, I meant it! Each song tells a story, and it’s a story that is very believable! Morgan co-writing 7 out of the 12 tracks probably has a lot to do with it!

Being Alive and Livin’” is another song that really sticks out to me. It’s all about that cliche, live life to the fullest! Hell, each time I hear it I think I could go skydiving or something. Two minutes later I realize I’m afraid of heights and I hate the feeling of falling, but if a song can give you that kind of courage you know it’s a good one! “Better Stories” is priceless! It makes me laugh and think of some of my own stories and memories I’ve made throughout the years!

I Didn’t Drink” tells a sad story, but putting it on the album was a great move. Country music is known for telling it like it is!

This album has everything from love songs (“Love Loves A Long Night,” “Fish Weren’t Bitin’” and “Summer Moon“) to humorous ones you will be singing with your best friends (“Show Me Your Tattoo” and “Corn Star“). When I listen to any track, I know I am getting who Morgan really is and there is definitely something to be appreciated about that.

This record was released February 28 from his new label, Black River Entertainment, and is the first music he has released in nearly three years! Well…it was well worth the wait!

Here is the video for “This Ole Boy” that features actress Angie Harmon!

This Ole Boy Track Listing
1. This Ole Boy
2. More Trucks Than Cars
3. Whole World Needs A Kitchen
4. Country Boys Like Me
5. Show Me Your Tattoo
6. Love Loves A Long Night
7. Being Alive and Livin’
8. Fish Weren’t Bitin’
9. Better Stories
10. I Didn’t Drink
11. Corn Star
12. Summer Moon

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