David Nail’s “Let It Rain” Video

David Nail’s “Let It Rain” Video Strikes A Nerve.

Singer/songwriter David Nail is talented to be sure. He manages to encompass the bittersweetness of broken relationships and lost loves in an honest and relatable way that avoids being cliche through songs like “Red Light“, “Clouds” and “Missouri” featured on his first album, I’m About To Come Alive.

His latest single, “Let It Rain” seems to follow the same vein. In true country form, “Let It Rain” is all about cheating. The interesting thing, though, is it is told from the sorrowful perspective of the remorse-filled cheater. The song truly feels honest, and is just as relatable as David’s earlier songs.

However, the video for “Let It Rain” puts an entirely different spin on the song. Quite frankly, it robs the lyrics of their honesty creating a shady, decidedly un-country vibe. From the opening shot of “the mistress”/”mistake”/”one-night stand” showering in the hotel bathroom to the sleek, and modern style of the hotel in which the video is set, the entire setting presents an image contrary to the remorse in the lyrics and Nail’s voice. It is difficult to believe the message of the lyrics or to feel anything beyond disdain when we’re seeing the aftermath of the affair which caused a wife pain and ended a marriage. Another, startling aspect of the video is the distance between the two characters in the video. They are never seen to interact at all, which just adds to the assumption that the affair was of little meaning. This creates even less sympathy, and causes a disconnect between the listener and the song.

Overall, the video on some levels ruins the song and leaves me feeling unsettled, and unsympathetic.

You can watch the video now, and let me know what you think.

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