Dolly Parton Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Kenny Rogers double-dog-dared Dolly and she accepted the challenge!

“Kenny, you’ve got to pay extra for the wet t-shirt contest!” – Dolly
Nashville, Tenn. (August 28, 2014) – Dolly Parton, who’s usually flooding stadiums with fans around the world, cools off her Summer by taking a dive into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Dolly was challenged by several people including famous duet partner, Kenny Rogers. His doubted dare sparked her to accept and prove how nothing stands in her way for a good cause.

“Kenny said you’ll never do it with your false hair, your false eyelashes, and your false nails,” responds Dolly. “Kenny, you’d be surprised at what all I do with my falses; for a good cause and a good laugh.”

Parton drowns down the wigs, nails and lashes with a polar plunge to raise awareness for ALS at her Nashville home while resting after her Blue Smoke World Tour.

“Although, I didn’t challenge anyone, I do challenge everybody to make a generous donation like I did!” adds Parton.

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7 Replies to “Dolly Parton Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. A very good job Dolly. I was surprised that you did it. But am proud of you because of it. Both my husband. Who by the way was born on your birtday. Or you on his. Born on same month, same date, same year. We both love you to pieces. Congratulations