Dos Borrachos Release New Song and Video, Announce Big Cabo Fest 2020

Austin, TX —The power duo of Kevin Fowler and Roger Creager — also known as Dos Borrachos — just released a brand new song and music video from their forthcoming eponymous debut. Consider the single, aptly titled “Dos Borrachos,” a bit of an origin story. The album opener even starts with Roger kindly explaining to Kevin just why they’ve been called “dos borrachos” and what it means.

A swaggering waltz laced with all the trappings of traditional Texas country and a fair amount of Tejano flavor, “Dos Borrachos” is a fun-filled anthem that certainly cues the listener in for what’s to come.

“Can’t think of a better way to kick off this record than with this song,” says Roger Creager. “It’s the party all rolled into one big singalong.”

And if the song itself weren’t enough, the new music video illustrates the party perfectly. “When you watch the video, it doesn’t take long to see how much fun we have when we get together with a bunch of rowdy fans down in Mexico,” Fowler says.

Filmed earlier this year during the duo’s Big Cabo Fest, the video features plenty of rowdy times with fans and fellow musicians who make the trip down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Go from the beach, to poolside, to late night parties with Fowler, Creager and friends.

And if you’re watching the video wishing you could’ve been there, here’s some good news: Dos Borrachos have officially announced the public on sale for 2020’s Big Cabo Fest down in Mexico. The musical resort retreat will take place June 7th-11th. Produced by Dickson Productions (of Music Fest fame), the getaway is quickly growing into one of Texas country’s most unique festivals.

“Kevin and Roger are powerhouses in the Texas music scene,” John Dickson of Dickson Productions says. “The combination of both on a stage results in an exceptional and unique music experience that creates a good times atmosphere second to none. Take that combo to a luxury Cabo resort and you have an upscale beach vacation for good times like no other.”

Head to for tickets and more information right now.

Watch the video for “Dos Borrachos” here.

Dos Borrachs’ debut album comes out on November 15th. The pair will also do a limited run of Texas tour dates in support of the album.