Dustin Lynch Debut Album Review

>Dustin Lynch Showcases His Talent with Debut Album Release!

Back in June, we were supposed to catch Dustin Lynch‘s live performance at BamaJam 2012, but a big ole storm came through and messed up that plan! At the time, I was pretty bummed. Now, after giving his debut album a good listen, I am especially disappointed on missing out because I really want to know if he is as good live as is he on this record. What we’ve got on this album is solid talent combined with a 90’s country sound and modern, well-written lyrics, and Lynch really knows how to rock it.

While it’s rare to see an artist create a concept album, we do often get records that are centered around a general theme, and if I had to pick a central idea for these twelve tacks (plus one bonus track), I would go with “pining“. A majority of the songs from “She Cranks My Tractor” to “Wild In Your Smile” to “Rock You Sweet” to “Hurricane” are about a guy that is longing after some pretty young thing in one way or another, and Dustin delivers each line with a sincerity that suggests he’s singing from experience. There’s just something about what he’s singin’ and how he’s singin’ that’s…well…kinda sweet. What I really like is that even though a lot of the tracks deal with the same kind of idea, they each tell a different story. Each is engaging, catchy and fun…not an easy feat to achieve, especially for your first release.

There are non-love related songs as well, and these are just as good! “Unwind It” and “Name On It” offer up great options for something to listen to when hanging out on Friday night. Then there’s the touching bonus track, “Your Plan“, that was written by Dustin himself, and clearly comes straight from the heart. Whatever the song though, all together this really is a quality album, and a great start for Lynch!

So far, there has been quite a bit of buzz about Lynch’s single “Cowboys and Angels“…especially from the female portion of the country music fan base, and I can definitely see why the ladies are loving all over this country music newbie. Between his rugged good looks, his talented vocal chords and all the sweet things he has to say on this album, I have a feeling that he’s going to be strummin’ on heart strings all over the U.S. as his popularity increases.

If you haven’t yet, check out the video for “Cowboys and Angels” below, and don’t forget to grab a copy of Lynch’s new album!

Dustin Lynch, “Cowboys and Angels“.


Dustin Lynch Complete Track Listing.

1. She Cranks My Tractor
2. Waiting
3. Cowboys and Angels
4. Wild In Your Smile
5. Last Lap
6. Sittin’ Pretty
7. Yeah Yeah Yeah
8. Rock You Sweet
9. Unwind It
10. Hurricane
11. Dancing In The Headlights
12. Name On It
Bonus Track: Your Plan

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