Easton Corbin All Over The Road Album Review

>Easton Corbin Gives Fans What They Have Been Waiting For In All Over The Road.

Easton Corbin’s sophomore album, All Over The Road, is, in my opinion, right on the money! It has fun songs about the highs of love and slower-paced songs that show the the lows.

The title track is the first one on the album and it gets you happy from the beginning. I can’t help but giggle when I listen to it, picturing the scene Corbin is describing is too cute! “Lovin’ You Is Fun” was the first single from this album and it was a great pick! I am OBSESSED with the first line…

You gotta cousin who’s tellin’ you somethin’ that doesnt’ have nothin’ to do with the love that we’re in, baby”

This song definitely makes my heart smile. From the instrumentals to the don’t-care-what-others-think-attitude, it is all around a great tune!

Hearts Drawn In The Sand” is Corbin’s second single. This one, as well as every other track on this album, really gives a clear, crisp listen to Corbin’s sweet, country, signature sound.

Dance Real Slow” gives us that George Strait feel that so many compare Corbin too. I think that it is a great comparison. I believe what makes people think of Strait when hearing Corbin is the songs they sing seem to have the same vibe, nothing about “drinking down a back road.” There’s just a sweet confidence they both exude!

Tulsa Texas” is genius! I have nothing to say about it other than listen to it pronto! I know this album doesn’t drop until next week, but I’m telling you…buy it immediately and play track 10! Then go back and listen to the whole thing!

If I had to be the one to pick Corbin’s third single from this record it would be “Are You With Me.” It has a kind of dark feeling, but always ends with just wanting to love someone and having them accept your love.

I want a love so hard it could rip my heart out, get so lost that I’ll never be found, are you with me?

That’s Gonna Leave A Memory,” “A Thing For You,” “This Feels A Lot Like Love,” “Only A Girl” and “I Think Of You” all help to mold this album into the perfect little country package! Add a good-looking dance partner and you’ll be set!

Remember, All Over The Road hits store shelves and digital outlets alike on Tuesday, September 18!

All Over The Road Track Listing:
1. All Over The Road
2. Lovin’ You Is Fun
3. That’s Gonna Leave A Memory
4. Hearts Drawn In The Sand
5. Dance Real Slow
6. A Thing For You
7. Are You With Me
8. This Feels A Lot Like Love
9. Only A Girl
10. Tulsa Texas
11. I Think Of You

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