Eric Church First Number 1 Hit

“Drink In My Hand” Becomes Eric Church’s First #1 Single!

As many of you know, I have been an Eric Church fan for many years! This appreciation I have for his songwriting capabilities and his musical talents have been here long before I was ever an assignment journalist here at CMNB. I fell in love with his sound several years back…

The first time I saw him live was 2006, it was a HOT, summer day at a country music festival. I really like what I heard and I loved the craziness he was displaying on stage. Now let me clarify, he wasn’t crazy, the amount of energy he had was crazy and in a good way! I purchased his album Sinners Like Me a short while later and knew every single word in, give or take, two days!

I waited and waited for some new material from Church and in 2009 Carolina hit store shelves! Let me tell you, it was worth the wait! I blasted that in my car day after day! Until about a month ago, it was the constant CD in my CD player. My friend Melissa joked, “Where did Eric go?” one day when we were driving…”Oh it’s in the DVD player in the house, I was listening to it while I got ready.” If you listen to something for two years solid and don’t get tired of it…well I’d call that good music!

Chief was released in the summer of 2011 and became Church’s first #1 album. “Homeboy” was the first single released and next was “Drink In My Hand,” which became his first #1 single. I was so happy for Eric, but at the same time I became a little aggravated.

Drink In My Hand” is a great song that obviously hit home with tons of people and I’m happy about that, but this is Church’s THIRD album. I believe there have been tons and tons of his previous songs that should have been #1s!

I have seen this guy perform countless times (12+), big stages, small stages, headlining or opening, it doesn’t matter. He puts just as much power and passion into every single one of his shows!

The songs he writes…well, it’s like he took stories out of my past, wrote them out and added music! I believe it’s like that for a lot of people, very relatable. He doesn’t talk about things he doesn’t know, he talks about life, the way he lives it and that is something I respect!

I am by no means saying that he is the best thing alive and all of the other country artists are crappy and fake. I’m just saying give credit where credit is due! Eric Church is a damn-good musician and one hell of a songwriter!

Congratulations to him on this first #1! I know that there will be more to come…it looks like “Springsteen” will soon be his second!

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