Garth Brooks Live Press Conference from Wynn Las Vegas!

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  • Steve Wynn relates how booking Garth Brooks came about out of a private sound test in the concert hall.
  • Steve confesses he had to buy Garth a jet plane to accommodate his tight show schedule so Garth can spend as much time at home as possible.
  • Garth describes the upcoming show as possibly just “Garth and a Guitar”
  • Garth jokes that he thought Steve couldn’t afford him… he was wrong.
  • Garth explains how Steve put Garth’s family first.
  • Garth says Steve leaves him open to quit at any time if this relationship does not work out for Garth and his family.
  • Garth reiterates that it’s a one-man-show
  • Garth gives props to “Wild Willy’s Saloon” in Stillwater, OK as giving him one of his first venues.
  • The two begin taking questions.
  • Ticket Pricing: Tickets are a flat $125 per seat, regardless of where the seat is.
  • Steve Wynn emphasizes that they will guard against scalpers!
  • Additional confirmed dates are January 1, 2, 3, and 4!
  • One show Fri, 2 on Sat, 1 on Sun
  • They have allowed for flexible show times
  • Garth is excited about playing in a venue that was engineered for sound rather than a sporting arena.

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