George Strait & Reba McEntire 2010 Concert Tour!

George Strait and Reba McEntire have announced that they will be touring TOGETHER in 2010!

Bigger than Tim & Faith! Better than Taylor & Kellie! Stronger than Bocephus & Kid Rock! That’s right, country music’s king and queen are holding court in 2010! Just this morning the announcement was made that George Strait and Reba McEntire are touring TOGETHER in 2010!!! I can barely contain my own excitement! They have already scheduled the following stops on the tour, with more surely to come:

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46 Replies to “George Strait & Reba McEntire 2010 Concert Tour!”

  1. Please come to San Diego! I want to see Reba live so bad. I’ve been waiting for years! Thank you! (: Love you Reba!
    Love you too George! (: Y’all rock this country!

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  3. To all who are looking at tour stops and wondering where your city is, I’m pretty sure there will be an announcement mid-march or sooner with a second leg of tour dates. Most major artists tour Jan-August and stop in time for award show season and the holidays before going back out on the road again. When they plan tour stops, they save the major markets (California, Texas, New York, etc) for summer when more people are out of school or work on vacation 😉 Trust me, the minute I get the announcement, it’ll get posted here. Make sure you’re subscribed to get the update!

  4. WHAT? What is this I see…or what I dont see? NO texas?

    Come On! We know you love it down here! Add Texas!

  5. PLEASE COME TO BOSTON!!!! I would loveeee to see reba and george strait perform together!!!

  6. Wow! How Awesome is This! My Mom’s Dream Has Finally Come True. As her oldest daughter, I’m praying we can get her there.

  7. Ok please come to Texas ,Ive been waiting
    for Reba and George strait concert. You two
    are my idols of country music. Hope to see
    you in Texas …

  8. Really hoping comment about a second leg of tour dates is correct. We both would really love to see, hear and experience a fantastic concert of both (all) of our favorite stars George & Reba (& Leeann Womack). It would be no less than awesome. Unfortunately we would not be able to get to their concert performances unless they were in the northeast, preferably New England. They are greatly admired here and would definitely draw a huge audience. We are true fans and have many of each of their CDs, DVDs, plus magazine articles and such… Whoever is planning this extravaganza tour, PLEASE bring them to our area!!!!

  9. Please come to Fargo or Bismarck, ND We love you guys. It would make my summer great. Please come you will love our state and the people. PLEASE!!!!!!!

  10. I wish george and reba
    Would come back 2 Arlington
    Texas. That was 1 of the best shows that I have ever been 2. I can’t 2 wait 2 see if they come back 2 Texas

  11. How do you subscribed to get the update on the new concert dates for George Strait/Reba? Can someone tell me.


  13. What?? Not coming to Canada (Regina, Saskatchewan)?? No fair. Totally, NO FAIR!
    Canadians love you 2 too!!!! George, I saw you in Craven last year, you are incredible! I would see you over and over and over again!!!

  14. I went! I saw! HAD FRONT ROW SEATS! George, oh what can I say except, He Really Is “The Man”! and Reba, awesome entertainer! Lee Ann Womack very heart touching voice!

    Loved every minute of it in Greensboro, N.C. this past Saturday night.

  15. Please stop by San Diego or Phoenix. My new girl who is unbelievably similar and special to me lives in San Diego. And I live in Phoenix. Originally from KS. King George has been my favorite since somewhere in the 80’s. Even though I am 32. Haven’t seen you in concert, but i’ve only seen one concert lifetime. Got my eye on KC in April, but pretty unsure. would like to see a couple more dates??

    Nate, KS farm boy.

  16. Tomorrow is my first concert! And to think it has my fav singer in it! I am going with my best friend Allison. It is tomorrow! February 25th! I won’t be able to sleep tonight! And if Allison Wallin is reading this I love you and you are the best friend anyone could have! I can’t wait! GEORGE STRAIT ROCKS COUNTRY TO THE MAX! I LOVE YOU GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Here in Kansas City George is being called the Texas Troubadour in advertising for the upcoming George and Reba concert at Sprint Center. Ernest Tubb was known as the Texas Troubadour in his time. So, has George’s marketers decided to take this distinction from Ernest and pin it on George because of his song about being a troubadour? Or is it the local advertisers who have pinned it on George? Maybe they aren’t aware of this bit of country music history. Either way, I wonder if George knows about it. George is a classy guy and as he says, he rode in on a song; he didn’t ride in on someone else’s coattails and I don’t think he would want someone else’s moniker pinned on him.

  18. hey just wanted to tell yall that you dont have to write the tour dates like that in your post, they quickly become outdated. YOu can post a geo strait tour map that stays updated and lets anyone get alerts about nearby shows right here, check it out!

  19. Please come to SC or NC again. I work every other weekend and had to work in Jan. You two are my fav. singers in country. No matter how many new singers come along no one sings like the two of you. Please come back around SC or NC.

  20. Can’t believe George is a Texas Native! And they are not playing in Texas! What is up with that!!!!!! I’m a really, really, really big fan of George and Reba! Please come to Arlington this year!!!! 🙂

  21. I’ve been checking tour dates and locations now for weeks. I and friends have been anxiously awaiting for something to show up for St.Paul/Minneapolis. We are SOOOO disappointed that, apparently, you will not be gracing Minnesota.

  22. Hello I am looking for people who have met reba MCENTIRE I just went to see her in concert with george strait and LEEANN Womack for my be lated birthday last weekend
    SO I am now looking for people fans who have met her , who can email me ways of how I can get back stage to meet sweet sweet ms Reba MCENTIRE I have heard she is a very kind loving person

    so would you please email me how to get back stage at her next tour stop to meet her? reba fan I have been A big fan since i was 13 I am 32 now Thank youREBA MCENTIRe Fan
    ALways Jennifer I need to ALso know when she is coming back to Tacoma Washington again please tell her to come back she did a great job I loved her show too Jennifer the best of all please email me Jennifer

  23. I went to the george strait concert in san antonio at the alamodome yesterday, and it was amazing!!!!he sang the fireman, twang, troubador, and tons others!!about 30 songs in total!!

  24. We live in Florida right near Orlando and Tampa – perfect spots for you to get a huge draw – we would love to see you in our state or at least in the Chicago area where we live in the summer. Please come to one of our locations.