Gretchen Wilson Joins Jessie G on “Like My Whiskey” Duet

Jessie G’s new single, “Like My Whiskey”, with Grammy Award-winning Artist Gretchen out now and catching fire on all streaming platforms!

Gretchen Wilson Joins Jessie G on Like My Whiskey Duet

This song serves as the first duet between rising country star Jessie G and mentor Gretchen Wilson. The official music video is set to follow in just a few weeks!

Jessie’s heritage spans across four generations of commercial fishermen, and she spent much of her childhood aboard the hand-built family boat; searching for Dungeness crab and albacore tuna, and then selling their catch at the market and in their family restaurant. Hard work runs in her blood.

“From an early stage, I was able to support my dream of pursuing music with the money I earned working as a baiter on our fishing boat or selling our fresh catch at the Farmer’s Market,” Jessie remembers. “But I always knew that music was the end-game. It has always been my number one passion.”

It’s doubtful, however, that Jessie knew that entering a Battle of the Bands contest, through which she won an opening slot on Gretchen’s Portland tour date, would change her entire trajectory. Upon hearing her sing, Gretchen invited her onto her tour bus and urged Jessie to begin the journey that every young country singer-songwriter must embark upon — she moved to Nashville.

Jessie immersed herself fully into writing, teaming with some of Nashville’s best, and spent countless hours in the studio working on her sound. Discovering the true art of songwriting under the watchful eye of Gretchen and her multi-talented friends and collaborators, Jessie realized the true depth of what she wanted to say.
“These new songs have helped me find my voice and who I am, both in the writing room and in the studio. This has been one of the biggest growing experiences both personally and in my career.” Jessie says.

The release of Jessie’s singles, “Army Ranger”, “Whatever This Is” and “Timeless” made loud statements on radio worldwide and the music videos, which debuted on national networks like CMT, GAC, The Country Network and more, have amassed well into the millions of video views online. Her success has built Jessie a devoted audience and fan base worldwide.
Listen to “Like My Whiskey”

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