Introducing New Country Artist Joel Crouse

Interview: Joel Crouse Is Just Getting His Start with a Debut Album on the Way and 16 Dates On Taylor Swift’s Red Tour!

There seem to be so many new faces emerging on the country scene these days, and we’re happy to see that one of those faces is the talented and hard working Joel Crouse! Currently signed with Show Dog – Unviversal, Crouse has a lot of new developments coming down the pipeline including finishing up his debut album (no title yet, but he says they’re basically torn between 2-3 options!) and hitting the road for 16 dates on Taylor Swift‘s 2013 Red Tour! Not too shabby, am I right? Despite having plenty to keep him busy at the moment, Crouse took a few minutes to chat with me about these exciting events, how he got into country and more.

Needless to say, Joel is pretty pumped about the upcoming tour dates, and he shared, “Its getting more real now as we’re starting to prepare for it and get the band together and I’m just getting so excited.” Touring with big name acts isn’t exactly new for him though having opened for folks like Darius Rucker and Toby Keith. He even once did a gig with the 90’s alt band Goo Goo Dolls!

Besides having significant cred in the live show department though, Crouse is also genuinely passionate about his music and songwriting. For the upcoming album, he co-wrote each of the songs and stated that he really tries to write from a real stand point. He elaborated with the following,

Living…that’s where I get my inspiration, especially when we travel so much and see so much and are exposed to so much. I think it comes really from when I travel.

This up and comer grew up in Massachusetts, and so I was curious if he’d always been exposed to country music or if, like some artists, he discovered the genre in some other way. The answer was definitely that Joel is country born and bred,

For the longest time, it was like the only kind of music we were allowed to listen to. My grandpa was from Alabama, and he moved in with us when I was young and the outlaws were more his thing. But my parents listen to contemporary country. Then my brother and sister, all they did was watch CMT and go to concerts!

These days, he says that there are a lot of amazing and talented artists to listen to and find inspiration, but he named Keith Urban, Eric Church and Zac Brown Band off the top of his head as the folks he really enjoys. I have to say, I can’t argue with those options (you know I love some ZBB!).

My general impression from Joel is that he is a very real, very genuine person, and if this rubs off in anyway on his album, I’m sure we’re in for some really good music! Indicating just that was his response when asked what he would say if there was one thing he could tell fans about himself:

I would want them to know and understand that I have a serious passion for what I do and for my music and for music in general. I care about songs, and how I am perceived through my music, and country music really is my genre and I have strong love for music.

Be sure to keep your ear out for Crouse, check out his current single,If You Want Some” on iTunes
, and follow him on Twitter!

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