Jack Ingram’s Whiskey-Soaked Masterpiece, Midnight Motel, Out Tomorrow on Rounder Records

 Hear Full Preview Stream of Midnight Motel on The Boot!
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Today, Texas icon and country star Jack Ingram, premiered his new album, Midnight Motel, in full via a preview stream on The Boot.com (http://theboot.com/jack-ingram-midnight-mote l-album-listen/).

Midnight Motel (Rounder Records) is Ingram’s first album in the seven years since his departure from Big Machine Records. Produced by Jon Randall and featuring his recently released single “I’m Drinking Through It,” (Video here) which chronicles a troubled but loving relationship, the album will be available through retailers and streaming services tomorrow, Aug. 26.

“Disappearing” from recording after earning #1 hits and an ACM win for Best New Male Vocalist in 2008, Midnight Motel represents the insightful perspective that only comes with taking a step back. Emerging now o n Rounder Records, he’s made a handshake deal with himself – “Don’t write a song/That you wouldn’t sing.” The result is a Texas-tinged “guided meditation” through liquor-fueled melancholy, astute observations, and amusing expositions. It’s a night at the bar with Jack – songs, shots, spoken riffs and all.

image002-4As a giant in Texas Country, writers who’ve followed Jack for years are saluting this album as his best yet.

“Even on a first listen, it’s easy to hear how much of the seven years between records Ingram has spent laboring on these songs, working over each tightly wound line for maximum impact. This sounds like a record made by someone freed of the pressure to create hits and driven to write a set of songs he wouldn’t be embarrassed to play for Guy Clar k.” – Andy Langer, Texas Monthly

One of the highlights of the new album is the wistful “It’s Always Gonna Rain,” which he co-wrote with red-hot tunesmith Lori McKenna.” – Chuck Dauphin, Billboard.com

“These 11 cuts cut deep; the songs swim in your head long after you’ve pressed stop on your music player. Ingram’s well-chosen wor ds, combined with lush instrumentation, show a songwriter at the top of his game…” – David McPherson, No Depression

“Ingram’s is a singular voice, an artist adept at sharing the broader insights that reflect on the minutiae of everyday experience.”; “These rough-hewn arrangements and his sturdy, though solitary, expression are so consistently compelling.”; “In a very real sense then, this is Ingram’s most authentic effort to date, and not surprisingly, it’s also his best.” – Lee Zimmerman, Elmore Magazine

Link to album stream premiere: http://theboot.com/jack-ingram-midnight-motel-album-listen/

Link for Ingram’s new single, “I’m Drinking Through It”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6DR TLOFanI

“I’m Drinking Through It” Video

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