Jamey Johnson gives a bit of anti-valentine sympathy

Jamey Johnson is ridin’ high on his recent successes, but he’d have you believe he’s not ridin’ high on love this Valentine’s day!

Jamey Johnson is all about the bitterness this Valentine’s day, with a third release off his Grammy-Nominated album “That Lonesome Song“. “Mowin Down The Roses” is a funny,tongue-in-cheek look at romance gone wrong. He’s even gone one further and added a few anti-valentines ecards to his site for fans to send out to their not-so-sweethearts. Get to know Jamey a bit better here:


I’m sure this’ll get a lot more airplay than his controversial second release “The High Cost of Living“.  Some bloggers seem to feel that the delicate nature of subjects such as drug use, prostitution, and all those wrong choices people make on the way to doin’ right are going to scare away radio program directors. I don’t seem to think so,but then again, I’m not ClearChannel.Country Music Photo Gallery

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