Jamey Johnson: My Way To You

>Jamey Johnson is quickly finding his way to the top with his newly released single “My Way to You”.

Jamey Johnson NewsJamey Johnson has done it again! His newly released single “My Way to You” is raw, heartfelt, and powerful, and is already causing a storm on the radio airwaves and in the country music news circles. Jamey will be giving away the single for free at www.jameyjohnson.com beginning August 3rd, so make sure to download your copy before it hits iTunes on the 11th.

As for the rest of the album, look forward to that release this fall, with the option to purchase the album on vinyl. Yes, that’s right, I said VINYL!

“Man, that’s how I listen to music. It’s my favorite, number-one preference at home, to go put a vinyl record on my great grandmother’s old record player. Which reminds me, I need to get somebody to do some maintenance on it. It needs a new needle.”

You can bet I’ll be standing in line for my copy, that is if I don’t get a few advanced copies to give to my readers first! Congratulations to Jamey on his Gold certified status for “That Lonesome Song” and we’re looking forward to this new album going even bigger!Country Music Photo Gallery

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