Jamey Johnson – The Guitar Song

>Jamey Johnson’s new double-disc album, The Guitar Song, takes a spin at the CMNB.

Jamey Johnson knew he had big shoes to fill when his last album “That Lonesome Song” achieved such phenomenal success, and with his new double-disc album “The Guitar Song” he fills them and then some!

Jamey Johnson’s big commercial success came at a time when country music fans were primed and ready for something authentic and true. His outlaw attitude, traditional country style, and tribute to the harsher side of a musician’s life was the perfect remedy for the sugary-sweet pop-country that was giving us all a cavity. When word came around that Jamey was going back into the studio, fans were all down on their knees just praying that he would continue on the musical path that he set himself on and he did just that.

My first thought when I slipped “The Guitar Song” into my player was that I knew these songs already. With the exception of his excellent cover of Vern Gosdin‘s “Walkin’ the floor“, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The entire collection is refreshing, heartfelt, and gritty all at once. It’s definitely material that will transcend era’s and leave Jamey to be cited in the future as one of the greats because he fits into the category so well. “The Guitar Song” is the perfect example of storytelling through song, starting with the very first track. It sucks you in, brings you down, and lifts you right back out again, all with Jamey’s signature sound.

Take a moment to watch Jamey talk about how this album came about:

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