Jason Aldean – My Kind of Party

Listen to Jason Aldean’s new single, My Kind of Party, now!

Jason Aldean’s got some new music out and he’s not shy about lettin fans get at it!

“This song is all about workin’ for the weekend & my fans work hard, so they can rip it up when Saturday rolls around,” says Aldean. “I hope they hear this one and want to turn it up–we put a little extra juice on the electric guitars just for that reason.”

Take a listen to Jason’s new single “My Kind of Party” on the Jason Aldean Jukebox now and tell us what you think!Country Music Photo Gallery

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33 Replies to “Jason Aldean – My Kind of Party”

  1. This song is great, Brantley Gilbert wrote it about 4 years ago and was one of his hits. Sounds a lot better with Jason singing it!

  2. hmmm I don’t think anybody will ever be able to sing this song better than Brantley…

  3. This makes the second time Jason Aldean has covered a Brantley Gilbert song on an album. Jason is good but Brantley is much more talented both as a songwriter and a singer. Hopefully this will get Brantley’s name out there more

  4. i think that jason kinda killed this song in a bad way. took the excitement out of it. when brantly sings it… its amazing and such a great song to hear.


  6. I believe Brantley Gilbert’s version of this song is so much better. Anyone reading this, please make an effort to check him out. His talent and song writing are some of the best I have heard from anyone. I’m not a Jason Aldean hater, a fan actually. However, I feel Jason just doesn’t do this song justice. I’m happy that Brantley has the opportunity to have his songs sung by great artist like Jason, but I believe Brantley can sing just as well and even better than most.

  7. well uhh, I think Jason added some Bam! and some Twang to the song, I dig it, really do, only the upper of the upper class make it to my iPood.. and this song is sure as shat gettin put on it

  8. This song is great i believe that jason’s version is much better because he sings it with more passion and its faster

  9. This is BS i am starting to dislike Aldean for doing this to Brantley. Let Brantley sing his own songs!! He does a way better job then Aldean!!!

  10. how did Jason go about getting brantleys song, i live near BG’s hometown and have been seeing him play local joints for many years and i really cant understand why he isnt big, he is an amazing artist. I heard that he turned down a deal from sony and maybe mgm (cant remember the other one) bc they would not let him write his own music. He is definately a hidden talent and whenver i call the radio stations i ask to hear brantley 🙂 does anyone have anymore insight on the deals with Aldean

  11. ! dont even know why BG even let aldean have the rite to sing this song i think its bullshit that colt fords fat ass is on cmt and brantlys not on anything, i like colt ford and aldean but BG is way better then both of them, i understand he wanted his name out there but thats juss one song that will never be on a major #6 cd cus of this, and thats one of my favorite songs! and i meant bg by #6 my phones junk.

  12. WTF I heard this song from a boy named brantly Gilbert way before Jason laden come out with it and his version is 100 times better

  13. Brantley Gilbert deserves the credit or this song! Jason Aldean should NOT be singing Brantley’s song!

  14. I heard about 4 years ago, when Brantley Gilbert played it. I really think that Jason is talented but he totally killed Brantley’s song. I hope that more people realize that they have heard the song before and gets the name BRANTLEY GILBERT out there and noticed more. I think that he is extremely talented with an amazing voice!

  15. NASHVILLE SUCKS! Let the backwoods artist sing their own songs, we don’t need this little pop culture country cowboy in a box singing Brantley’s stuff. You get paid the big bucks come up with your own crap. Don’t drop the soap around rascal flatts! Kevin Fowler for President!!!!

  16. how about it’s MUSIC!!! Almost every singer sings several songs that other people have written. If brantley didnt want Jason to sing it, then it never would have been sang. I’m pretty sure all of yall fussing about this has heard a quote before or anything in that region and you liked it so you used it yourself. Jason didnt steal the song he is just singing it! Go to a Brantley Gilbert concert…almost every one i have been to, he has sang someone elses song. Lay off of it. They are both great singers with great talent. If it were up to you or any better you would have the opportunity to do something about it….but you dont so get over it and quit trying to down other people when your no better!! thanks……

  17. woww.
    some people should lay off on this. you people are retarted apparantly because brantley had to of known that jason sang it and didnt have a problem with it appearantly. andd you can go to any of the concerts and see that most country singers barley always sing their own songs they sing songs that they didnt write and country singers do not have a problem with sharing. brantley did a great job at the song at his concert but soo did jason soo how about yall lay off of it. k thankkss(:

  18. Both Brantley and Jason perform this song very well. At first i didn’t like the fact that Jason took the song but then i realized, hey, maybe it’ll get Brantley’s name out. Brantley is a hell of a performer and deserves to have his name out. All you other Brantley fans can say what you want, buy Brantley had to give Jason the okay to sing this song. It may give Brantley the chance to get more fans and have himself in the country music industry.

  19. Brantley wrote it.. And he is getting credit for it on Jason’s album. Sure other artists sing other people’s songs in concerts and such but they don’t put them on an album! There’s where Jason went wrong. He may have gotten permission from Brantley but does Jason not have any morals? Brantley is not just a song writer.. He is a performer. Look at his YouTube video where he described the situation, you can tell he had a hard time trying not to say that Jason stole the song.

  20. I have always like Jason Aldean till now, to sing someones song who took the time to write it is wrong i think Gilbert is more talented bc he does write and do his own thing. His version is better and his kick it in the sticks is awesome. I think aldean should have helped him out some how since he took his song. or maybe he sees him as a threat

  21. i like jason aldean he is a great singer but i hate it when someone takes a song that was wrote about real life things and try to make it there own brantley gilbert sings it way better because it comes from him and his own personal experience and the way he lives his life i dont think jason aldean is much of a real country boy he just sings about it i really dont think he would even get down and dirty like a real country boy does all the time i mean he probably lives in the city were gilbert is a true country boy from georgia

  22. Garth Brooks did 17 songs that had been recorded by other artists. Including one of his biggest hits which is considered one of his most personal songs, The Thunder Rolls which was previously an unreleased track by Tanya Tucker. Most artist record songs done by other people. Just because someone else did it first doesn’t mean it’s any less personal to an artist who rerecords it.

    And Jason is a native Georgia boy, just like Brantley. Jason is from Macon Georgia which is just 50 miles from Brantley’s hometown of Jackson. And Jason is obviously a fan of Brantley’s. You don’t make hits out of songs written by someone you don’t like nor do a make a name for someone you see as a threat.

    And the video Brantley made that so many people like to mention was in response to people accusing Brantley of selling out because they thought he sold the song to Jason. He didn’t. And Jason didn’t have to ask to sue it. Under the law, you can record a song written by someone else without their permission, you just have to pay the copyright holder a standard rate that is set by Congress. In 2006 it was 9.1 cents per song, per album sold.

    And that video was recorded in Nov of 2010. I’m sure Brantley’s views changed quite a bit in February when, very likely based on the massive success Jason has had with Brantley’s songs, Brantley was signed to Valory Music Co. His first single released on the label, Country Must Be Country Wide, has already hit country radio and is getting increasingly frequent airplay and a Video was shot for it just a few days ago and that should hit CMT in the near future. Brantley is finally getting the exposure he has deserved for so long and it’s quite likely that it’s due in part to Jason showing the world how great Brantley’s songs are.

  23. I just wanted to say that I’m a music junkie and I just bought Jason Aldean’s latest album, “My Kinda Party” (that was released on November 2, 2010) a few days ago at Target. I think that it is one of the best Country albums of 2010 and he is the reason why I started listening to Country music. The album has sold 1,204,386 copies over here in the United States of America and it also went Platinum. I also have all 3 of his previous albums and I listen to them all the time because I find his music so addicting, I just can’t stop listening to it. I like the way Jason has taken Country music into a different level by adding a perfect mixture of Pop and Rock to it because not a lot of Country music artists in the music industry can really do that when it comes to their own music, which means that he has a lot of creativity when it comes to his own music. He made a good choice on choosing Kelly Clarkson on singing a duet along with him on the song, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” because in my personal opinion, I also think that she has amazing singing voice. Kelly is one of my most favorite female Pop music artists and songwriters in the music industry and I’m also one of her most bggest fans. Jason doesn’t have to write his own music to be a talented Country music artist in the music industry because what really matters to him is that he has a lot of fans out there who really enjoys listening to his music as much as I do. I know that Brantley Gilbert sang and wrote the song, “My Kinda Party” and he deserves a lot of credit for doing that, but he gave that song to Jason so that he could record it one his album. Brantley is getting paid for writing that song and if he didn’t want Jason to record that song on his album, he wouldn’t have given it to him to record in the first place. I like Jason’s version of that song a lot better than Brantley’s version, and I hope that everybody here on this website doesn’t get offended when I said that because I’m entitled to my own opinion and so is everybody else. I’m going to keep on supporting Jason and his music no matter what anybody out there says or thinks because he is one of my most favorite male Country music artsts in the music industry. End of story.

  24. went to afgan listening to brantley come home to douche bag singing it and ruining it 2 great songs remade into a ball stank ball of s**t way to go aldean lets see whos song youll remake next

  25. Brantley Gilbert, is the BOMB! He kicks Butt at all his songs, and Jason Aldens good to but at his own songs! B.Gilbert should be just as big as J.Alden because he sings better and has the same dang songs. (: Go Brantley, we love you ! Oh and Jason your not to bad yo self.

    Bama girls, <3