Jason Aldean Snubbed For 2014 CMA’s

The internet seems abuzz with shock and dismay that after years of climbing his way to the top of the charts, Jason Aldean merited not one single CMA nod. It’s actually not too surprising… the country music industry has been using awards and accolades to shape the world’s view of Nashville stars for decades.

Jason’s split from his wife, then subsequent romance rumors with the younger mistress is not something the industry overlooks. In our office we call it “morality shaming” and it’s what they do to Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, and Leann Rimes as well as countless of other stars whose lives are less than ideal when they step off stage or out of the studio. I say as long as his tours are selling out, which according to CountryMusicOnTour, they are, then let that speak for him!

We want YOU to weigh in! Do you think an artists personal life should affect their ability to earn awards?

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16 Replies to “Jason Aldean Snubbed For 2014 CMA’s”

  1. Him and his dad need to quit being such crybabies!!! Chris Young has been ignored for years, hasn't cheated on his wife and he can sing rings around Jason Aldean!!! Sorry, but sometimes if you dance you have to pay the piper!!!!

  2. but unfortantly when your in the lime light everything is out in the open, back in the day it was all about the music and how well they sang, but now its all about the tablods and gossip and on un truth, i mean heck black and miranda wasnt even married 6 months and he was chating they was getting divorce, i mean all lies, thats what sales now days not the music, i love jason. ( Sorry for the spelling)

  3. I don't think his personal life should be held under the microscope. He srill is a great star performer. His wife and him are the only ones that know what went on between them. I know he cheated but there is so many out there that do and still no one insults them or shun them from what they do. I think so many people are hypocrites when it has nothing to do with them. People need to look in the mirror and like what they see looking back and analyze their own lives before doing this to others. He is all country and I hope he continues without all the critizing that goes on.

  4. I think that's totally unfair! He is selling out baseball stadiums and his new song climbed to top of the charts over night…….I thought this was what awards where about, not if they got divorced and he has a new girl friend! I saw Jason in concert in July and given the chance would go see him again . He is an awesome performer and I love his music so judge him on what he is ………a musician!

  5. His music and his voice stink that's why he hasn't been nominated. And if you put yourself in the limelight and do the things he's done, then guess what….decent, non-rednecks will snub you!

  6. Oh…..and him and luke bryan got matchin tatts……that should get him a nomination…….for…..somethin….right?

  7. No way should his personal life determine whether he wins an award for his music. No one is perfect, shaming him isn't doing anything but making those doing it look weak. #foreveranAldeanfan