Jason Boland Speaks Of Rancho Alto Album

Last week I was very fortunate to have a conversation with Jason Boland about his album Rancho Alto, among other things.

Rancho Alto is Jason Boland’s 6th studio album and will definitely not be his last! Boland is a writer who stays true to himself when creating music. You will never find him playing a song for the sake of making a dollar, he plays what he feels. Many of his songs have a deeper meaning than one might think.

Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse” is a song dedicated to the mother of a couple of his life long friends. She would let them practice and find their way with music whenever they wanted and this song is a “tribute to her and the people who encourage and believe in young musicians.”

Down Here In the Hole” touches on the fact that we still have people getting trapped in mining holes…real problems. “Farmer’s Luck” gives us a bit of Oklahoma history and “Obsessed” is just a damn good song!

The album as a whole is definitely not the kind of material that is on the CMT or GAC country countdowns today, but that is what makes this worth listening to! Jason Boland & The Straggler’s use of pedal steel, telecaster, fiddle, mandolin and their all together twang isn’t an act by any means. They play in this style because it is what they grew up on and more important it is what they enjoy!

If you were to take a look back at some of Boland’s previous albums, you would be sure to find some very raw, authentic lyrics. “Proud Souls,” “Somewhere Down In Texas” and “Comal County Blues” are just a small number of songs that have hit home with so many of his fans.

A week ago today, Boland took the stage at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville and wowed the crowd with every strum of his guitar! Whether he was playing newer tracks from Rancho Alto or taking people down memory lane with “Tennessee Whiskey” and “Pearl Snaps,” the man had the room buzzing with energy!

One very exciting moment of the night was when Boland played new, brand new, songs that will be a part of his next album. “Electricville,” will be one of the tracks on the next project that could be available next spring. He said as of right now, the album looks like it is going to have a kind of folk-groove to it!

For those of you who have experienced one of his live shows, you’re in luck, because he will be at a venue near you soon! For those of you haven’t, well do yourself a favor and check him out! Tonight he will be in Lubbock, tomorrow in Amarillo and Saturday he will hit the stage at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth, Texas!

With spring here and summer just around the corner, Boland will be attending many festivals, rodeos and more!

Rancho Alto Track Listing
1. Down Here In the Hole
2. Every Moment I’m Gone
3. False Accuser’s Lament
4. Between 11 and 12
5. Pushing Luck
6. Fences
7. Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse
8. Obsessed
9. Woody’s Road
10. Forever Together Again
11. Farmer’s Luck

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