Jay Leno Packs a Punch on Taylor Swift’s Behalf

Jay Leno puts rapper Kanye West in the hotseat after his embarrassing behavior at the MTV VMA’s towards Taylor Swift.

Kanye West sits down with Jay Leno and offers up his apologies for stealing Taylor Swift‘s groundbreaking moment on the  MTV VMA’s. Jay hits Kanye with the tough question of “What would your mom have said”


Now my take:  Kanye West is indeed a jackass, but you can’t take that moment back. Some radio stations have taken action against Kanye, either on their own or at the request of their listeners and pulled Kanye’s music from their rotation, leaving it up to the listeners to vote him back in. (WBVD and KHOP being just two of them). “Team Taylor” is showing up all over the web, from trending topics on social media to web-celebs making her the center of their latest vlogs and blogs.

At the end of the day, Kanye’s behavior was inexcusable, but the resulting outpouring of fan support proves nothing else but the fact that Taylor REALLY won that award. Taylor Swift HAS captured the most widespread audience in today’s music, crossing all genre boundaries and building an emphatic and passionate  fanbase that has the power to bend radio stations and even ornery rap stars to their will. Congratulations Taylor, and enjoy the FULL depth of your interrupted moment!Country Music Photo Gallery

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One Reply to “Jay Leno Packs a Punch on Taylor Swift’s Behalf”

  1. Though I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan and what Kanye West did was horribly inappropriate and there’s no excuse for that, I wonder to myself why that the situation has gotten so much attention? I don’t think it’s solely on the basis that Kanye is a douche, but rather the massive amounts of loyal fans that Taylor has acquired. She’s just so adorable how could you not love her? Her songs reach out to everyone, no matter who you are you can relate to them which I believe makes you feel closer to her. Her vlogs and blogs make you feel like you’re a part of her life; I love it when she lets her fans know what she’s up to. I can’t think of another artist that does that. .